Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big red takes NYC!

On unrelated to DNS business, I attended fashion related events in New York last week! It was a serious eyeopener and step forward in the understanding of how designers sell their clothes internationally. Here are some highlights!

Did you know?? Jewish folk artists who specialized in carving the extreme detail within synagogues in the early 1900s, made cash by carving carousels! - useless facts from Phil
This one i found is beautiful and colourful and will be included in future pictures when the Deadly Nightshades take over Mercades Fashion Week in September.


WARNING!! Subway stations are hot as HELL!!

While in New York I was assisting Philip Sparks, a Toronto Menswear designer with his sales appointments and scope out the New York fashion scene. A regular day entailed looking smashing and important, playing buyer, checking out related stores and designers and attending trade shows, store openings and fashion shows (all with free booze and swag bags of course)
One show was Buckler, a British designer with a relatively new label with HOT models! The details were creative, good colours and great shoes!
Check out the collection here!

(One word of advice, to get anywhere your not supposed to be... LIE!)

This is a window display of a fancy lingerie store that i thought was great...


2. Sexy Sports are always a plus... isn't sex the closest thing to a private sport?

3. Creative use of proportion for perspective... don't those giant balls look like they are flying toward your face? AHH!

Left: Does this make NY Dirty or Clean?

Right: HOLY EXTREAM TAGGING!! a smelly bathroom of a rad fucking bar: MAX FISH BAR on Ludlow... going there again!

Now... For what you've been waiting for. What about Biking in NYC? Well... There are some, but less in number, cute bikes like this one seen locked up or being ridden. The traffic seems crazy!! Especially in Manhattan. The size of NY is a barrier to being able to bike as a means of everyday transportation. When I asked New Yorkers, one said "well, one of you will get hit" and one claimed that eventhough the drivers are pretty nuts they are used to cyclists. I did take a day trip to Foultin Mall (not a mall at all) within Brooklyn with the raddest chick ever, Shaeffer!, via bicycle, and it was pretty damn successful. Just lock up safe, cause I think there is a game of pass along the front tire and whoever started it is quite a jerk!

That's all for now!

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BR, you are living the dream! and thanks for the pressies!