Wednesday, July 30, 2008

teenager repellent

As you may or may not know the deadly nightshades hate teenagers. Actually maybe hate isn't right word... more like a mix of anthropological curiosity, annoyance (who can stomach teenage bravado?), extreme shame due to our own teenage years (which thanks to help of various substances remain fuzzy...), and misunderstanding (kids these days).

But dont worry! Now there is a solution to all those XXXL t-shirts and XXXS belly tops.

TEENAGER REPELENT! No joke. A team of extremely genious scientists figured out that teenagers are the only people who can hear a particular high pitched frequency. Ironically, it sounds just like the one created by their close relative, the mosquito.

So all you have to do is hook up your store or bike with a device that makes this sound and you'll never have to see a group of teenagers again!!

Only problem is that the evil teenagers became wise to this protective device, and have begun to use it for their own evil goals, ie, TEXT MESSAGING IN CLASS!!!!!!!!(which I can only assume must be in some way relate to evil world domination). They captured some scientists and forced them to develop a "MOSQUITO RINGTONE" which is audible only to other teenagers!!!!

How will we sleep at night? Knowing that the teenagers are able to communicate with each other AT ALL TIMES without OUR KNOWLEDGE? Shudder.


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Anonymous said...

is this what sort of music teenagers are listening to now-a-days?