Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Here's a little creative brilliance to tie you guys over, until the infamous Nuit Blanche this weekend!!

These two artists came together to show off thier minatures at York University...

Making the big small....

Aldo Parise grew up loving and living rollercoasters. He spends his summers at Wonderland dressed up as Patrick Star, a side-kick of Sponge-bob, soaking in the surrounding mechanical monsters. Parise is articulate about his passion and gave this show an interactive high point that fed my fetish for speed and danger! On location, Parise will be building his final piece throughout the week which will have the crowd coming back for more!

Jennie Suddick, a recent OCAD graduate is currently working on her MFA at York University. Suddick is an artist who creates with purpose, then uses photos as her medium of expression. Check out her work at jenniesuddick.com! In this exhibit, sets were built using the smallest characters imaginable and explored crowds and open spaces. They seemed diligently constructed and when put into photograph form, were very visually appealing.

I kinda wanted to eat it, it was so small...

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