Monday, September 29, 2008

DNS tips on doing Nuit Blanche...

Nuit Blanche is next weekend and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I mean, I love staying out all night, biking around with friends, breaking stuff, and generally causing shit... but I always miss about a thousand things that I'm just dying to see. This year, I'm making a plan and sticking to it.
First, I have to get set up at Wrongbar. My friend Anika and I are sewing some stuff for The Art of Fashion competition and we need to be there early in the day to set up.

These are some of the outfits we're sewing this week:

I have to be there for the first part of the night, but after that I want to see as much as I can. I think the secret is to find areas with alot going on so you can see alot all at once. Ryerson seems pretty involved this year, with an amazing fashion show happening at Lake Devo every hour, (which Pattie Milkshake's mindblowing thesis collection is going to be part of) And I'm happy to say there are alot of fashion-meets-art projects happening this year... as well as some spectacularly intriguing possibilities... like the fortune telling mermaid, glow worms, and of course the Gladstone is always a good bet too... Can we make the sunday after Nuit Blanche some kind of citywide holiday???

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