Saturday, September 27, 2008

Systematic abuse of Power

Last night Pattie Milkshake, Kelley, Aubrey, Heidi and I did Critical Mass. It was not so fun this time.

The police broke up the group, forcing people to stop at lights, and giving tickets if you didn't. That's not Critical Mass. It broke up the group and caused severe agitation. One person got arrested, and I am disturbed because no charges or reasons were giving. This is illegal under Canadian law.

From my understanding, they are here to serve and protect it's citizens. Critical Mass at large is a peaceful protest of civil disobedience. (Although some bikers with bad attitudes and false egos are disobedient and not civil...) Why is our opinion and cry for help not valid? Is it that citizens that own cars are more important? Is this their view? They say we need to be baby-sat or 'protected' so that we won't hurt ourselves. Know what would help? Give us bike lanes. Give us laws. Provide the city with infrastructure. These are the ways to ensuring that bikers and cars get along.

And why are the police breaking the law? How can they justify their actions without following the law that they are sworn to uphold?

Funny enough, yesterday I had also watched and amazing Video on the TED channel.
Philip Zimbardo, an expert witness on the Abu Ghraib trials, gave a lecture on: Why ordinary people do evil ... or do good.

He talks about group power in one part and how it can be abused. Some parts are really graphic, so view at your own discretion. However, Philip turns his experiences into a very positive program for kids, and his presentation ends on a high note. Way to enforce awesome...


Irene said...

That's ridiculous... they don't make parades stop at stoplights!!! Maybe we should build more floats... and trick them into thinking we're really the santa claus parade...

BIG RED said...

haha... I'm in! Then we could also use the float as a vehicle to make your beautiful birthday dreams come true!!