Friday, October 17, 2008


NOT WAIT.... It's a Deadly Nightshade here to save the day!

The people over at Now Magazine have been gracious enough to declare us as one of Toronto's Fashion heroes of 2008! We plan to plan a way to fulfill this title on Saturday night at a secret deadly nightshades gathering that will end with either nakedness or dancing...

"The Deadly Nightshades
Fashion bike gang

When fashion bike gangs rule the world’s runways with shit-disturbing bedazzled brass knuckles, you’ll remember these early days of the Deadly Nightshades. The seven-member crew spread their message of sustainable fashion from Critical Mass’s street rallies to Fashion Week’s runway (which they hijacked last season to film the climax of their Night Out With The Nightshades short).
The group evolved from kNOwdresscode, a collective of Ryerson fashion kids that boosted newbie designer talent. With chapters planned for Vancouver and New York, it won’t be long before the sight of their designer low-riders signal a new era of eco fabulousnessness. Follow their rise at nightshadesbikecrew.blogspot.com."


Our own Irene Stickney, Ms. Fierce Bambi herself, along with designer pal Anika Kowalski, won Art of Fashion! A fashion competition that was on display at Wrong Bar during Nuit Blanche. Did you see it?


I would love to show you pics... but they are being held hostage... (Ahem...;)


naamers said...

NOW THAT IS A DAY IN FASHION HISTORY!!!! watch out world...

jacquieshambles said...

yayy congrats girls!

A5 said...

Irene, you never told me you guys won! I voted for yoouuuuu! Congrats. :D