Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life Drawing for Fashion Designers at 69 Buy the Pound

October 14th
1234 Bloor St. W

No attitude, no art snobbery, just fun, fancy and funny clothes!!! Bring your pens, pencils, a mixed cd and a smile!!!
Cheaper than a latte, better for you!
See you there!


Danielle said...

I hope you meant Oct. 15.

Anonymous said...

you guys are straight ridiculous.
you're pretty the summation of everything that's wrong with "design" and "fashion" in toronto.
you might as well write "wagon jumpers of anything considered half-cool by douchebags" on the back of your lameass jackets.

get a sense of original style you patheticly dressed scumcunts.

Anonymous said...

riiiight.... adorable girls who make their own clothes, love the planet and ride bicycles are what's wrong with Toronto... riiiiiiiiight......

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous i feel sorry for your digital puking, you must be feeling pretty dizzy from all this digital hate. i want to delete your comment but i think it is sort of funny because letting out deep resided angst by commenting anonymously on people's blogs is a whole band wagon of its own. ride that bitch anonymous, it looks good on you.

Anonymous said...


We were almost excited to have hate mail, but we decided you are too lame to be considered worthy.

p.s. Anonymous hatemail is ball-less. Grow something between you legs and come talk to us.

p.p.s. Did you jack-off your small load to the Adbuster's hipster article? That kind of lame hattery is right up your *puke* alley.


jacquieshambles said...

bahahahah "jack off your small load to that Adbuster's hipster article" .
Gold, Jerry, Gold.