Wednesday, February 25, 2009


on saturday at dufferin grove park, many gathered to celebrate their canadian heritage with their bicycles on ice. yep. ICE RINK RACES. so amazing. all sorts of cyclists came out to test the strength of their physical constitution. here are some pictures for you.

check out this bike.

..upon closer investigation, perhaps you will notice the fucking spikes on the tires.

then i spotted a group of messengers and asked if i could take a picture of them. they almost stabbed me, and i wondered where the hell the rest of the nightshades were. luckily my cunning saved me, and i ran off with blurry, underexposed photos. so here is only one picture.

bikes on ice = genius. [probably]

.. i don't know who the man on the left is, but the one with the cowboy hat responded to "toast" and became my hero for the night.

bikes rock. fin.

fotos by frank. check em out.


Irene said...

Uhhh.... awesome post babe seriously great pics of fun times - but I'm pretty sure the rest of the nightshades (okay Cat and I at least) were SEWING until four in the morning while you revelled in winter-y bike paradise!!!

laura! said...

ahhh. this is AMAZING! i want angry looking spikey tires!

Anonymous said...

I heard someone asked the bike messengers if they had heard of the deadly nightshades and they replied, "No! But We've heard of the friendly lampshades!"

BIG RED said...

really? cause i heard that it went more like this:

"I'm writing a blog for the deadly nightshades, can i take your picture?"

"oh, I've heard of you, i was going to join the friendly lampshades, but they aren't so friendly."

right patty?

~MegO! said...

Milky P, you know you are just a text message away from a helping CAN OF WHOOP-ASS!

pyoun said...

bring it, everybody.

Anonymous said...

i'm friendly.