Monday, February 9, 2009

Nightshades behind the Bar at 69 Vintage

MV/EE played at 69 Buy the Pound on Saturday night!!! It was jumping and the band were amazing. Go check out their Myspace here. Cat and Laura were bartending while i took a million pictures, except for the ones with me in them, which Kealan took. I was jealous of Cat's new tattoo so i got Laura to give me one too. I think it's just as good as the original, don't you???

Matt and Erica (the band) had all this amazing gear with them. They've been touring around the US for the last three weeks in a station wagon, with their dog, Zuma. They're pretty much the greatest human beings ever. I asked them what the best place they've been to while they were touring and they said Ashville, North Carolina. I quote: "There's just all these hippies living in the mountains, and lots of rivers to swim in."
It was really funny seeing a band playing in the store. They rocked out right in front of my new Valentines wall.

We're in love.

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naamers said...

irene are you going to get those snips tatooed? Cause that is hard-core!