Sunday, April 26, 2009

Love from Mondo

Found an awesome review of our show this morning on Mondo. I can't tell you how much I like their description of the collection...

"We did, however, catch the finale of act two. Deadly Nightshades, a Toronto-based design collective, put on a spectacular show in the theme of urban transportation and mischief: bikes! Do these guys know how to steal hearts, or what? How can I describe.. let’s see. Sweaty Betty’s meets hip hop loungewear meets dandyhorse? Daaaamn. (We especially loved the turquoise briefs—can you tell?)

On a final note, one thing I love about [FAT] is that these “alternative” designers aren’t afraid to dress for all body types. A great deal of booty, bosom and bounce mixed freely amongst your average twiggy, tall types, and everyone seemed confident and ferocious. Terrific night, terrific event. Get out there and experience it yourself-there are still two days remaining!"

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kerry said...

So much love! Thanks, DNS!