Thursday, March 11, 2010

If we are busy

So it seems that we haven't been posting too much, maybe you think we are not up to much? I assure you that from besides being flattered by AA, we are all pretty busy doing creative/amazing/wonderful individual projects and partying like Nightshades do. Maybe because of this we are too busy preparing for a show or recovering from a hangover to post a blog. If this happens, here are some links to other creative/amazing/wonderful people's blogs to go check out in the mean time.

Nadia and Nayani from Kaleid

Max and his Dirtbag Journalism

"Dirtbag Journalism is a news blog geared more towards independent music, film, and more. The creator of the blog, Maxwell Mohenu, is the former Assistant Editor for The Spill. Aside from music news, we like to keep people in the loop of new bands, how to get a job in the music business, and other cool stuff."

Randi Bergman from The Katie Girls


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