Monday, March 15, 2010

Is bike culture for sale?

So this cute and seemingly super rad Lakefront Brewery in Wisconsin launched a fix-gear inspired beer... which lead to a facebook thread about how bike-culture is for sale.

Is it? Should it be? Would DNS's line also be in the category of 'bike-culture-for-sale?'


BIG RED said...

I don't see why this is any different than any other culture for sale... food, clothing, souvenirs, movies, music, theater...

I mean realistically I think this is a debate because the bike scene has just started to develop into a significant population, and the bikers who have been around for years are likey to lay low. It is as simple as demand. More demand for particular and specialized items arise, they are getting produced, marketed and loved.

I think bike culture is also a rise in a sort of non-pregidous culture, which also makes it stand on it's own. Everyone can be included regardless of race or religion, which is the normal association to the word 'culture'. I think in this way people are more likely to pair it with products in order to include many different people while being PC!

ok. back to work...

naamers said...

the headline is enough: