Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This is a little late, but I few months our dearest and most talented friend Kelly Henderson styled the New Pornographers video "Crash Years (Matador)".

Our other dear friend Sammy Rawal directed this master piece and we shared some shots with our Tribute bike gang The Dragon Scorpions(who also built some AMAZING bikes for the shoot and general riding)
See if you can find the Nightshades and the Puppyshade (in a nice shade of Seafoam himself)


Irene said...

This is making me love umbrellas all over again... Great work ladies!!!

BIG RED said...


Real Talk said...

What exactly is a 'tribute bike gang'?
DragonScorpions are bigger and better at riding bikes than yall.
high five on your bit cameo however.
thanks to coming out to our video.

laura! said...

whoa whoa whoa.

you're only bigger because you let in everyone (including us? didn't we complete some from of alleyway initiation last fall?) and better is highly subjective.

i vote street rumble..... or maybe BIKE BOWLING!

DangerStorm said...

... that alleyway event was a symbolic show of good faith. It was Bike Gang Diplomacy at it's finest. We recognized the risk of crushing you under our treads and thought the better of it. We extended the olive branch and you have snapped it in half.

This can only be solved with some form of Bike Gang Olympics- a series of challenges chosen by each group, points tallied at the end.