Monday, July 19, 2010

Pink Ladies plus the Hells Angels = Deadly Nightshades


So someone (I think it was Emily Landau) at the Torontoist recently described the Deadly Nightshades as a combination of The Pink Ladies from Grease, The Hells Angels and The Planeteers...
And since this was undoubtedly the most accurate description that anyone has ever graced us with, I thought I'd make a collage in honour of Emily's excellent descriptive abilities.
1. The Deadly Nightshades, taking over the runway at L'Oreal Fashion Week.
2. Razors meet Rizzos (aka Hells Angels + The Pink Ladies)
3. The Original Johnny T. dance sequence, and the modern day version...
4. Johnny T.'s dance partner in crime, Mia Wallace.
5. The inspiration for Uma's look in Pulp Fiction, Anna Karina, French New Wave film star.

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~MegO! said...

I totally wanted to be a Planeteer growing up. Controlling the natural elements? Common- that would be useful/fun!