Thursday, July 1, 2010


While we made many friends at the BFF in new york, sometimes being a gang rouses suspicion. The boys over at Geekhouse Bikes, (an amazing custom frame shop hailing from Boston MA), made THIS bold (coughhilariouscough) claim, regarding us and their missing bicycle. Or as the craigslist posting of their stolen property states "the american apparel version of those urban outfitters bikes." (baha) Ouch.

While we've got Igor back on the lose to steal your and everyone else's bicycles.... we the Deadly Nightshades would do no such thing. But, we could totally take on the Geekhouse mustachio'd ways, in some form of west-side-story-street-rumble-on-two-wheels.

Anyhow, speaking of hilarious craigslist bike posts..... (thanks for that gem kirsten).

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