Friday, July 2, 2010

"The Rape of Africa" at The MOCCA

This is the David LaChapelle mural at the MOCCA right now, plus Nightshades. It's called "The Rape of Africa", and features a 30ft high Naomi Campbell (not seen here) posing with right breast exposed, surrounded by giant gold cross, chains, diamond skull a la Damien Hirst and golden semi-automatic. The little cherub on the right is wearing a crown with Spanish insignia, and the one in the centre (who's head is cropped here) is wearing a football helmet. It's an intense piece given the size, subject matter and awesome execution.
The guy from the MOCCA remarked that it was pretty good 'considering he was a fashion photographer'. I think it was the best thing there, period.
I *heart* David LaChapelle...

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