Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Not to credit the Night Shades with the birth of the all girl collective in Toronto but we sure revived it.

An up and coming fashion collected Powder, Pins and Pearls , headed by some of my dear friends Dyane Campbell, Jenn Rose and Jesse Crowe are taking a bar on Queen (Nyood) and many local designers (eg. Hells Bells) and mashing them together to give Queen. st some much needed monthly runway walkin'.

This collective have invited me a few times now to shoot some impromptu look books for the models, their own portfolios and the designers. A brilliant way to help cross promote everyone.

Here are some shots from the Men's show held last month.

Keep visiting their blog to see the groups updated work (as well as personal work of these talented makeup/ hair and style artists) and when you can catch some runway.