Friday, November 5, 2010


I admittedly very rarely wear a helmet (unless at Polo), and as I was being eaten alive by the street car tracks on Queen (while it was raining a few weeks ago after Hell Track) my dear friend Meg OH!'s face flashed through my mind

"Where's you're helmet lady?" spirit Meg OH said.
"On my coat rack, keeping my coats safe?" Imaginary Megs didn't look impressed.

Meg's promotes proper safety while biking but NEVER shoves it down you're throat. That's why the people at PROHAB snatched her up to pose for their calender to raise funds to provide helmets for those in the cycling community who don't have them. Check them out and donate or purchase a HOT calender with Meg's in it. Look at her honestly. HOT DAMN:)

And I promise Meg's the ol' brain bucket is finding a more permanent fixture on my skull.

Cause we all know the only DNS rule: DON"T DIE.


Irene said...

BAhahaha... that's my only biking rule, anyways!!!
love this pic, girl!

mego said...

I love you ladies!!! oxoxoxoxox

Lets all keep safe- a broken brain is never fashionable.

(Despite some of the people you may meet in the fashion industry.... tee hee)