Monday, November 1, 2010

Women in the Bike Industry

So, I had a fun month in September, where I got to go to the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada's ExpoCycle and Interbike, North America's MASSSIVE trade show in Las Vegas.

Holy 180 from the Fashion world. It's all straight dudes. Walking through the halls of Interbike, a few men of the bike industry even said "Thank you" as I passed them. They were looking at my name badge (here is to hoping), maybe they really like Momentum Magazine and how we help put people on bikes? Apparently a tank top and knee shorts and some wedge heels is all it takes to be the pinacle of "fashion" in this industry... Impressing spandex-racers ain't to hard.

Sarah, the editor at Momentum, attended a seminar at Interbike called "Selling to Women", and wrote a great article about women in the industry. You should read it here: Cycling's Litmus Test. Seeing as women account for only 12-15 percent of the industry, the amount of attention I got at this sausage party isn't that surprising.

The most AWESOME man that I met is the mind behind the Celeste Bianci Colour... I was a total blubbering idiot. How can you keep your composure with a soft spoken Italian genius legend?

He thought the Nightshades were cute. :)

(P.S. Vegas is gross... and the only safe bike route on the strip is actually on the astro-turff in the center. It's a weird kinda mountain biking I tells ya... On another note, those infamous sex card guys all ride bikes! Cool, eh? Husslin' and bikes... hand and hand.. )


Snow White said...

AMAZING MEGS! And the reason you got so much attention is cause your an INTELLIGENT SUPER BABE....

Duncan said...

Vegas is gross, I second that.