Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bike Babe - In a Helmet? (Finally!)


I just found these pics over at Fuccit, a hilarious blog from the Netherlands that has a confrontational/devil may care modus operandi that you can read here. They're basically a bunch of ex-bicycle messengers who still play bike polo and think it's lame to hate on people for dressing like messengers. There's also a suspicious amount of 'Almost' bike porn on the site that makes me think that it's not really a blog about bikes at all. But anyways.

The Messenger vs. Fakenger divide reminds me a little bit of the 'design' vs. 'communications' rivalry that always went on in the Ryerson Fashion Department when I was there. There were elements of snobbery on both sides:

Designers: "You don't ACTUALLY know how to sew or make anything."
Commies: "Yeah? Well I'll just outsource it to China. At least I'll get paid more than you will"

And so on... even though, at the end of the day, we all work in the same business, like the same things and have alot of the same friends. Same goes for messengers and 'fakengers' as they are apparently called (although I've never heard the term before). They all play in the same polo league, ride in the same alley cats and love their fixed gear bikes. It would make sense that they would all be friends, but of course it never seems to work out that way.
What do you think of Messengers Vs. Fakengers?


laura! said...

hey cannibal vixen! We found your missing goggles from NYE.... apparently they're on that model's neck.

Meg said...


As a former commie, that hurts!... but then again there was a reason why I always hung out with designers.

I think there is a weird thing for looking like a messenger. Recently there was a twitter thing about normal people wearing messenger bags. Hey, I have my Chrome bag, I ain't no messenger, but messenger bags are designed for carrying things on your bike. I do that, just not for a living.

Jeans used to be only for miners- we don't call people who wear jeans faknminers?

Although maybe we should...