Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Suburbs

Recently Arcade Fire kicked some serious butt in the name of Montreal and grabbed the Grammy for best album for the Suburbs. My roommate and I have been busting a gut over this website, Who is Arcade Fire, a tumbler site dedicated purely to the reaction of some people on the internet who have never heard of this gold and platnium record group.

Comments like "It's a weird world we live in when someone called Arcade Fire can win a Grammy n Jusin Bieber doesn't!" and "WHO DA FUUUKKK IS DA ARCADE FAYA??? NEVA HUURD OF DOS CHEATAS. WHO R DAY? SUM SORTA VIDYA GAME? I'M GOOD WIT REDDDED REDEMPTUN THX VRY MUCH!!!" will keep you entertained and bewildered for days.

If you haven't seen the amazing video for Arcade Fire's video The Suburbs, it's filled with bikes, teenage love and NWO creepiness. It's a Spike Jones production, naturally.

Who else did time in the suburbs?

I did, in a few different spots in the GTA. Seeing forests and farm fields getting swallowed by highways and ant farm housing, along with the boredom of working soulless mall jobs could be a big reason for my current views on life. At a Sierra Youth Coalition national congress, a meeting and brainstorming session for all university groups, a regional director in a speech said: "I come from the suburbs, I think a lot of us do. I think the suburbs are a big reason why were are all here."

Ain't it the truth...


Snow White said...

Wurd sista!

laura! said...

who are thos fuggs aaaaanyway....

yeah suburban creativity! something good's gotta come from all that repetition & strip malls.