Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fashion Cemetary

I've been doing work for Eco Fashion World and Pedaler Clothing. Through this work, I've been researching a hellalot of eco and bike brands and the various stores that carry them. It's sad, but sometime you do some research only to figure out through clicking that the brand hasn't released a collection in a few seasons, and isn't available online anywhere.... while it doesn't say 86ed it on the website, you come to your own conclusions.

Makes me wonder why brands don't announce they are closing? Hopeful they will resurrect themselves the next season? Can't pay their web developer? Joined a cult and moved away to a remote island where they swore off all technology?

C.H.U.N.K. 666 is a rad collective of tall-bike/bike polo/punks that put out a rad line of bike-polo shirts a few years ago... and I would like to give them the prize for "BEST USE OF R.I.P. WEBSITE."

Go here to see why I think this.

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