Monday, March 14, 2011


do you know what's the worst?

1. Staying at the studio allll day & waaay too late.
2. Paying subway fare through the turnstyle entrance to go home.
3. Missing the last train of the night.
4. Begging for an "emergency transfer" for the night bus that never runs.
5. Waiting in the cold for the bus.

6. ....THEN REMEMBERING YOU BIKED OVER TO THE STUDIO THAT MORNING, and your bike is locked up right beside you.


7. Then just deciding to go back the to studio and work more. Thus, a late night became an all nighter.

But in good news.... THE TOP SECRET DNS PROJECT IS ALMOST DONE! Big reveal in two weeks? You betcha.


pyoun said...

oh my god.

i want to make you soup.

naamers said...

Best/worst ever