Sunday, April 24, 2011


So, it's not very often that I get excited (like stupidly excited) about waterproof grease or chain lubricant - but Orontas, a Toronto-based bike care company, changed that pretty quick for me. All of their products are biodegrable, made from plants, petroleum free, and made in Canada. What's not to love?! While inspecting the chain cleaner (with what I can only describe as glee), my buddy Mark commented "Sooo basically, you could use this as mouthwash." (Except... don't).

Then, today hit 2o degrees. It was a day of bbq's and bike rides (and advanced poll voting - go vote!) - and of course some backyard bike love (as you can see below my Huffy's chain needed some serious affection). I hauled out the tool box, threw on some flip flops and set about changing tires, truing wheels, and making my bikes sparkle extra shiny in all this newfound sunshine. And I have to say, the Orontas stuff worked great. Sometimes, awesome things come in unsuspecting packages (Or rather sleek minimal packages, that resemble hair products more than bike repair ones - I do love me some good design!).

But ultimately, anyone who's manifesto states that they're not a brand, but a wreckless commitment to do better.... just wins.


Kathleen said...
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kathleen said...

i like this very much.
backyard bike cleaning with friends is one of my favourite things to do in the summer (other than RIDING said bikes) and ending it with a BBQ is perfect.

Harsh Designs said...

This cleaner RULES!!