Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My friend Adrian Sinclair is a babe on a bike. He does many rad events and projects, and this one is just blowing me away.

So I am going to sign up to volunteer to help people exercise their right to vote!.

You can learn more about this project and many more at Transformation Project's website.

And if you haven't been a young Canadian on the internet in the past week, here is the massive viral video of my friend Ajay from BEE Vancity not being Mr. Dressup.

And they are having a dance party. Maybe they'll host a Dance-Off?

I'm not a DJ but I was offended. But you know me, I'm just a part of that left wing fringe group known as being a woman....

NOW GO AND VOTE. A lot of people just recently died for the right to do so. Not jut in Federal elections, provincial and municipal. Care about the streets you live in and the air you breathe. Participate in creating the world you live in, or live by Plato's famous quote:

"Those who do not participate in politics are doomed to be governed by their inferiors."

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