Thursday, November 10, 2011

Horse Cycles

Priest Lugged track-13
Living in Brooklyn for the past two months has really introduced the Nightshades to some of the radest bike people. One being Thomas Callahan of Horse Cycles. Located right off broadway, a short cycle from the Williamsburg bridge is this huge shop with stacks of tools where beautiful handmade bikes are born.

The frame building process is a collaboration of rider and builder. We do a complete rider intake including full body measurements, rider preferences and riding style. After making all design decisions materials for the build are ordered.

Each tube set is hand picked for the build process based on rider requirements and care is put into every detail.

Building the actual frame takes 1-2 weeks.
Paint is chosen and the frame is sprayed.
At this point components are chosen based on rider measurements and requirements, the bike is assembled, and off you go….

A full bike will run you about two grand, but damn, it's worth it!

Also, Horse Cycle has just finished a collabortation with the ultrahip Ace Hotel. So now you can borrow one of these beauties while you're in town!

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