Friday, February 3, 2012

Yeah! Fun bikey events in Vancouver!!!!

Next week is going to be rad!

On Wednesday the 8th of February, my friend Linnea is throwing a Beer, Bikes and Babes Gastown Sprint at Kissing Crows! (4562 Main St.) By the name of this event I am assuming she is throwing it in honour of me being back in VanCity. Yeah. Let's do this.

THEN on Saturday the 11th our loveliest of friend Gena is throwing a 2 on 2 My Bloody Valentine Polo Tournament!

My Bloody Valentine 2x2, My Bloody Valentine 2x2 Polo Tournament Poster

Weee!!! It's already spring here, just went for my second sea wall ride of 2012. Are you ready for me this year 3rd beach?

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