Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So I never post anything twice, (I akin it to the cardinal sin of putting two songs by the same band on a mix tape - an even bigger faux pas if they're back to back). But today I will make an exception, as this is such a ridiculously amazing initiave worth supporting! And as Meg put it, she "wants to throw parties on this rooftop" and I second that.

The Everything Roof has only three days left to reach it's goal, and they are so ridiculously close!! Everyone loves the eleventh hour. So if you've ever thought of supporting something, support this! It's like buying a couple beers... or a big burrito or something. Except with this you help enforce awesome, AND you can get some cool stuff in return - like neat art prints, or delicious organic coffee, or local produce boxes! If nothing else, this is a wonderful multi-purpose space worth learning more about, and trying to implement in your own city!

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