Monday, April 2, 2012


We love hip hop.
We drop it low, we two step, we drink the grey goose in da club (ok maybe more like shot gunning beers in the alley or poppin bambino) but we love when a heavy beat drops and a great lyric is slipped over top. Unfortunatly it's hard to find female rappers in our great city of Toronto, let alone extreme cypher queens. BUT WE NOW HAVE SOME. Jane and Finch brings us Lolabunz, Rushiie Raw, Baadass Bukk and Rootz, an all female crew (individual rappers though) that bring it DIIRRTTTYYYY.

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NatashaD said...

Thank You for posting this :)
Something to motivate me back into writing. Badass Bukk, I enjoy your flow and word play. All you girls, stay humble and work hard.
Reppin the Real Females of Toronto.