Monday, January 14, 2013

Women Who Bike Brunch


Torontonians take brunch very, very seriously. I think this article by on Kate Carraway in the Gird TO sums up the luxurious booze-hound ritual that perhaps fuels 14% of all of the city's economy (by my calculations.) Then we have cyclists who take food very, very seriously. It's the main benefit of slightly endangering your life everyday in the urban cycling environment; eating whatever you want and still having a fantastic bootay. It's worth it. Trust me.

This is the typical Toronto cyclist inner monologue at brunch:
Single or double Caesar? Who I am kidding. Should I have hollandaise sauce? Yes. Should I ask for extra hollandaise? Is that my ex's ex cuddling with my ex's old co-worker in that other booth? OMG  food here me starving... Om nom nom nom... more butter.... om nom nom... I wonder who wants to go for a pastry at that new gluten free bakery down the street?
So I am happy The Toronto Cupcake Ride is putting on a Women Who Bike Brunch, on Sunday, February 24th. I'm hoping they choose a location that is cute, uses local ingredients and organic eggs, and makes a good Caesar, and is only about 10 minute bike from my house. Maybe we can pick from this lovely Toronto Brunch Map by Lindsay Zier Moguel.


Now, to find a party on the 23rd to give me a substantial hangover and good story to tell....


Hyedie said...

Wow! Meg! Thank you for spreading the word out :)

~MegO! said...

Anytime, we love you ladies! (And fooooood!!!) xo