Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kym Perfetto for Affinity

Affinity Bicycles Featuring Kym Perfetto from Roberts Horowitz Creative on Vimeo.

God I miss NYC.

Kym Perfetto of the legendary NYC spin club Cyclesoul would make a Canadian Tire tricycle look sexy. I remember briefly talking to her once at a Chrome party and felt like a huge dork she was so energetic and awesome. Seems like she has also partnered with Drew of Fake Money for a electro dance project NO WAY JOSIE. So much awesome runs in such a tight circle of NYC bike peeps.

And here is Kym Perfetoo is in a short Casey Neistat film running in heels for NY Fashion Week... who else can relate? That's the beauty of bikes and heels... less walking, more biking right up to where you're going to be. More people in the smoking pit outside asking about biking in heels, more showcasing how bikes are awesome. Win. Win. Win.

Continuing on with the awesome theme... Casey Neistat's Bike Thief 2012. Wow.

Reminds me of our joke that steamed from our trip to the 2010 NYC BFF... how many Nightshades does it take to lock up a bike? 

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