Thursday, February 14, 2013

One Billion Rising on Valentine's Day

Back in the day St. Valentinus was a Martyr for marrying Roman soldiers in Christian ceremonies. Today is his feast day. It became wildly popular in the Romantic era as a courtship thing, and wildly over commercialized in our era. Not being a hallmark girl, I don't take this as a day to do the traditional things while in a relationship or do Bridget Jones lamenting if I am single. F that noise. Right now I am going to reflect on what loving in a difficult time means. How can you practice love in a time of oppression and difficulty?

 photo billionrising_zpsea9e0e32.jpg

One Billion Rising to me is just awesome. Women and men from around the world are standing in solidarity against a culture of fear, power and violence. It's awesome, check it out. You can get a live stream from events all over the world, and check out uploaded videos from previous years.

Love, love, love...

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