Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Women of Bike Polo London #mygirls 4 Adidas


Big ups to the rad ladies of London Bike polo, and the Tornado Riders in particular! Lots of love to you ladies, keep kicking ass and taking names! Nice to see a mega brand pick up how amazing the ladies of bike polo in London are.

Big Love to Adidas Marketing Team!

To the production team at Adidas, they still have lots of work to do to be as awesome as this video is. The recently released documentary The Apparel Truth tells a story of the horrors of rape and abuse in factory systems- naming Adidas directly as a big company that produces out of factories such as this. No group of girlfriends wants to wear matching outfits that were made by hands that belong to a woman that was recently raped by her boss.

Gross, right? These things don't belong together, so while Adidas continues to be super awesome at supporting women on the front end, the pressure has to continue on supporting women on the back end.

One Love.

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