Thursday, September 26, 2013

Congrats the the Ovarian Psychos for reaching NYC!

If you don't know about ‪#‎psycopathbiketour‬, then look it up! Andi Xoch, Gloria Vasquez and Natalia Efe just accomplished their cross country tour and have arrived in NYC all the way from LA. Mad love and respect to these amazing womyn! Enjoy NYC and your accomplishments. We look forward to seeing what comes out of your journeys, and then what spreads from that.

Check out the vimeo they made pre-journey! Smart, passionate, and visionary.
A Psyco Path Journey from shireen alihaji on Vimeo.

My fav quote: "It's important. We need that sisterhood, and sisterhood isn't accomplished overnight."

Support via paypal by sending your love to: xochmex@gmail.com. They got some bad-news-bears last week when a cop gave them a ticket instead of a warning (womp womp) on an interstate. New York City, reach out and show your love to these formidable SiStars.

One love!

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