Friday, September 27, 2013

Free Sarah Harmer Concert in Toronto! #NoLine9

So, the people who brought you the blight that is the Tar Sands want to run a pipe-line right through Ontario, called Line 9. Seeing as Enbridge hasn't demonstrated they can prevent their pipes from spilling, many smart people think they shouldn't do it! (Imagine you messed up that much at your job? You'd be fired. In any other business you'd be closed down by officials or sheer lack of customers. )

  photo EDEF_PipelineMap-MedRes-withTitle_zps63d0baf1.jpg

Some of those people who would like to end the pipelines because they makes giant expensive, cancer-causing messes at the cost of tax payers are awesome Canadian musicians, like Sarah Harmer, Gord Downie, The Sadies, Hayden and Minotaurs. The ever awesome Environmental Defense is putting on a concert on October 6th at Mel Lastman Square to bring together those who support putting a halt to the Pipelines with a fun, free concert! Welcome to Rock The Line!

 photo rocktheline_600_zps9f76da7b.png

See you there!

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Still not convinced? Check out the VICE documentary on the Tar Sands called "Toxic Alberta." See VICE founder Eddy Moretti walk around Fort McMurry drinking and chatting with everyone from the police, truck drivers, First Nations and much more. Or you can see the latest scandal from this summer- Fort McMurry Tory MLA Mike Allen was charged in connection to a prostitution ring.

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