Friday, July 15, 2011



So new york. what a trip. Epic bike rides to art shows to film screenings to dance parties to border crossings.

I think what I love most about attending the BFF in New York, is the people who travel in from all over the world. It’s so empowering to surround yourself with individuals just as involved, and just as in love with their bicycles. A community that transcends class and culture.

It also meant that the screenings were a beast all of their own. Lots of yelling and cheering and loving smack talk. A lively crowd to say the least.

But one thing has stuck with me that I’m feeling a little conflicted on. Brendt, the founder of the festival got up the the beginning of the Urban Shorts program and introduced directors, etc. During which he said lovely things about us Nightshades. He pointed out that two areas that are severely lacking in women, are specifically the film community, and the bike community. And how exciting it is to see more girls like us, stepping up.

Sentiments that were wonderful to have publicly acknowledged. But, at the same time, while it’s nice to be noticed as a minority in a scene, it’s weird to be called out for being women. It’s not as though anyone else would be called out for being a man. And while I in no way fault Brendt for his kind comments towards us- if anything, it just highlighted how far we have to go. And made me wonder why this is. Why we are such a novelty. Why more girls don’t ride. Or rather, why more girls don’t make themselves seen in the cycling community in the same numbers than men do. Because I think there are a lot of us out there.

Maybe it’s time for us to band together a little more. So for starters, if you are, or know of any rad girls who ride, send a link or a photo to dnsbikegang@gmail.com.

We’d love to rep all those lovely ladies on bikes out there. Because I know we’re not alone in this.

Also, side note: SERIOUSLY TORONTO?!?! COME ON!


mego! said...

It could also be said that some of the "gentlemen" of the bike world could be a bit less lead by their penises and be a bit more gentlemanly. Many bike men like the concept of women on bikes, then they take that concept and turn it into an object and act like complete deranged pervs. From local races to Interbike I've seen and experienced things that have almost made me say "f--- this bike s---" but my love for my two wheels is stronger then their lack of civility.

fuzzywuzzypig said...

apparently ladies are scaredy-cats: http://www.bust.com/blog/2011/07/13/understanding-the-gender-gap-for-urban-bicyclists.html