Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The deadly nightshades recycle...

teenager repellent

As you may or may not know the deadly nightshades hate teenagers. Actually maybe hate isn't right word... more like a mix of anthropological curiosity, annoyance (who can stomach teenage bravado?), extreme shame due to our own teenage years (which thanks to help of various substances remain fuzzy...), and misunderstanding (kids these days).

But dont worry! Now there is a solution to all those XXXL t-shirts and XXXS belly tops.

TEENAGER REPELENT! No joke. A team of extremely genious scientists figured out that teenagers are the only people who can hear a particular high pitched frequency. Ironically, it sounds just like the one created by their close relative, the mosquito.

So all you have to do is hook up your store or bike with a device that makes this sound and you'll never have to see a group of teenagers again!!

Only problem is that the evil teenagers became wise to this protective device, and have begun to use it for their own evil goals, ie, TEXT MESSAGING IN CLASS!!!!!!!!(which I can only assume must be in some way relate to evil world domination). They captured some scientists and forced them to develop a "MOSQUITO RINGTONE" which is audible only to other teenagers!!!!

How will we sleep at night? Knowing that the teenagers are able to communicate with each other AT ALL TIMES without OUR KNOWLEDGE? Shudder.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big red takes NYC!

On unrelated to DNS business, I attended fashion related events in New York last week! It was a serious eyeopener and step forward in the understanding of how designers sell their clothes internationally. Here are some highlights!

Did you know?? Jewish folk artists who specialized in carving the extreme detail within synagogues in the early 1900s, made cash by carving carousels! - useless facts from Phil
This one i found is beautiful and colourful and will be included in future pictures when the Deadly Nightshades take over Mercades Fashion Week in September.


WARNING!! Subway stations are hot as HELL!!

While in New York I was assisting Philip Sparks, a Toronto Menswear designer with his sales appointments and scope out the New York fashion scene. A regular day entailed looking smashing and important, playing buyer, checking out related stores and designers and attending trade shows, store openings and fashion shows (all with free booze and swag bags of course)
One show was Buckler, a British designer with a relatively new label with HOT models! The details were creative, good colours and great shoes!
Check out the collection here!

(One word of advice, to get anywhere your not supposed to be... LIE!)

This is a window display of a fancy lingerie store that i thought was great...


2. Sexy Sports are always a plus... isn't sex the closest thing to a private sport?

3. Creative use of proportion for perspective... don't those giant balls look like they are flying toward your face? AHH!

Left: Does this make NY Dirty or Clean?

Right: HOLY EXTREAM TAGGING!! a smelly bathroom of a rad fucking bar: MAX FISH BAR on Ludlow... going there again!

Now... For what you've been waiting for. What about Biking in NYC? Well... There are some, but less in number, cute bikes like this one seen locked up or being ridden. The traffic seems crazy!! Especially in Manhattan. The size of NY is a barrier to being able to bike as a means of everyday transportation. When I asked New Yorkers, one said "well, one of you will get hit" and one claimed that eventhough the drivers are pretty nuts they are used to cyclists. I did take a day trip to Foultin Mall (not a mall at all) within Brooklyn with the raddest chick ever, Shaeffer!, via bicycle, and it was pretty damn successful. Just lock up safe, cause I think there is a game of pass along the front tire and whoever started it is quite a jerk!

That's all for now!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


The taste of sweet bike justice is in the air in TdotO this week and as fate would have it, the DNS were on hand while Igor was getting busted on Queen W to catch a few cell phone pics. Coincidence??? Maybe...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Stuff. We just had a wicked Yard Sale on Saturday to sell off our extra stuff and make some cash. It was A LOT of fun, and thank you to all the people who came out to support us!

Now-a-days everyone has too much stuff. Storage unit sales are through the roof, and there are more reality shows about getting rid of crap and organizing your life than you can shake a stick at.

But... where does all this stuff come from? How is it REALLY made? How is it effecting the world you live in? Annie Lennard's Story of Stuff is a great 21 minute video about our stuff and where it REALLY comes from. It integrates social, economic and design principals into a simple, easy to digest AND cutely animated video. Check it out, and learn where you stuff comes from.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Miss Jesi has been inducted into the gang!
It has nothing to do with the fact her place was burnt to the ground...
With her grace and presence of insightful chaos and mischief along with an artistic vision all her own, the women of the nightshades all agree that SHE'S the ONE!
Welcome to the family!

Now all she needs is a gang name. ANY IDEAS?

Friday, July 18, 2008


ARe you always wondering where you can find authentic deadly nightshades style? Well the only real answer is, IN OUR CLOSETS!! And now tomorrow we offer you the rare chance to get a piece. The lovely ladies at Heart on Your Sleeve are kindly allowing us to hock our wares on the corner of Nassau and Belevue outside the shop! So come on down!

click here for map

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

7th jacket


THE 7th JACKET HAS BEEN COMPLETED!!! Now all that is left is to have it blessed and have the new member anointed....

At this point in time, we would like to thank all the amazing ladies who applied to be a nightshade. It has made us realize that we might need to try expanding faster. There are just too many great, bike riding ladies out there for us to bring them all into our gang...

We are really close to decision making time, and the race is tight.....

Monday, July 7, 2008

Craigslist Proves That Bikes Make Girls Look Hot




Then why won't they let us recruit? Hmmmm..... they fear our awesomeness. That is the only conclusion I can reach.


after being rejected from the velvet underground on a sunday night for being too sassy.. bambi and i missioned it on a backalley roof.

touching things, toxic.

then up up up

the view:

then we biked around and were glad to not live in the suburbs .. or in new building complexes in shitty neighbourhoods .. and we redecorated. and chatted. back alley love. the end.


Saturday, July 5, 2008


WE already told you "why?" we are looking for a new member, but we haven't mentioned "how?". "How?" is an important question, and we have a variety of strategies. One was to go on a recruitment mission to Ottawa, another to publicly open ourselves to accepting bribes, and yet another is to carefully contemplate each of our bike friend's credentials. But one very important measure we took has been rejected!! REJECTED!!

I decided that in order to make our hunt as far reaching as possible that i would post an add on the people's classifieds, CRAIGSLIST. I have deep love for Craiglist. It has found me apartments, jobs, free couches, and given me hours of entertainment surfing personals. But apparently Craiglist doesn't want to help the Deadly Nightshades on this one. Shortly after posting it i received a "flagged and removed" email. No explanation. Here is the posting and let me know if i've stepped over some invisible offensive line:


We are looking for a new member for a notable, toronto based, all girl bicycle gang.

A qualified applicant will be:

sassy, intimidating, gutsy, witty, and not afraid to start a bar fight.

definite musts (if this is not you, than you are reading the wrong post):


So let us know why YOU are worthy!

* Compensation: determined by strength"

IS THIS SO OFFENSIVE??? Why can't we look for gang members on the internet?? This is some kind of discrimination against gangs!!

GEEZ!! You have broken my trust craigslist.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Deadly Nightshades find Waldo in Ottawa

If you live in Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver you might not know this but the ONLY place to party on Canada Day is in Ottawa. There's about a million people who come to Parliment Hill to celebrate our great nation by drinking, wearing red and white and blowing stuff up.
We found a guy who had decided to dress up like Waldo and hang out on Parliment Hill to celebrate Canada and we interviewed him.
DNS: Hey Waldo, what's up?
Waldo: Not much. How come you guys are all dressed the same?
DNS: We're in an all-girl-fashion-designing-bike-gang. Did you make your hat yourself?
Waldo: Yeah. I glued three pieces of felt together to make the band. People keep trying to steal it though.
(At this point our massive friend Ryan picks Waldo up like a girl and bites his nipple)
DNS: Are you okay?
Waldo: I think so. I'm not sure.
DNS: Ryan's kind of a jerk. We're really sorry. Here's our phone number if you wanna hang out later.

Follow up: Waldo called us the next night and met us at Irene's Bar in the Glebe with us to watch our buddy Trevor play. Then he came with us and we blew some stuff up. Thanks Waldo! Happy Canada Day!