Thursday, December 27, 2012

Am I Invisible?

A very rad photo contest has come to light in NYC, brought to light by Bicycle Utopia NYC.

Anyone out there have any more photos of us Nightshades in NYC?

“Am I Invisible? A Portrait of New York Bicyclists” is an open call for photographs and photography-based art that capture the cultural diversity and individual style of New York City's distinctive bicycling community. Launched by Bicycle Utopia, a portion of the entry fee will go to Transportation Alternatives, New York City's oldest and largest bicycle advocacy organization."

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


My present this year to all you Nightshades is a donation to Because I am a Girl. My gift is to help send another girl to school. She can then meet her future best friends, and then with her own crew plot to takeover the world and make it a better place, one matching jacket a a time...


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Holidays from DNS. xo


Fill your holiday season with friends, family and love, love, love... actually, fill your life with this all year round.

1 Love. xo

Please enjoy Big Boi reading the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Help Expand T.O.'s Only Bike Courier Collective

"Send It is Toronto's only courier owned and operated bike messenger company. Our focus is local. We live here, we work here, we play here. Our goal is to support Toronto’s thriving local businesses and residents. We offer lower rates compared to larger courier and shipping companies so that same day delivery service can be accessible to smaller businesses and our neighbours." 


They got this Indiegogo going on as they need to buy a Bullitt Clockwork cargo bike to take their game to the next level. Care to pitch in?

On a note, if you give the whole 3.5 grand, THEY WILL TATTOO YOUR NAME ON THEIR BODIES. Some eccentric person out there please do this.

Here's a great video from a few years ago introducing CycleHawk's Trike Bike.

Or check out this video about Cargo bikes in the amazing city of Copenhagen, that features the Bullit. We need more of this in Toronto.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Murder of Couriers

Another courier movie you say?

Murder of Couriers is beautifully shot Doc by Tom MacLeod. It's been in production for a few years, and there was some flak about when it would actually come out... I think I had been asking that of Tom for at least two years.

Well it's here. I went to the premier in Vancouver. In a nutshell, It's a great movie, you should see it. I'm biased, there are some Vancouver characters in there that I adore, like Newf and Ottawa, but besides following some great characters it's an impressively shot piece of photographic imagery. Vancouver is an incredibly beautiful city, which makes the riding of the bikes that much more of a joy. The treatment and showcasing of the city of Vancouver, along with a incredibly honest story telling makes this doc stand out. It captures a golden area of sorts in the bike scene from what I am told, something I may have just missed when I was getting to know everyone in early 2011. Nuts.

In short- watch the movie when it comes to your town in whatever various film festival.

On another note- HEY- bike world. Yeah you. Someone out there needs to give Patrick his own show/podcast/column/something. Serious. The man makes you develop abs with the laughing, and he can like bike backwards in circles for hours.

On a same thread, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Jamie Cooper (Original Three Inches of Blood singer in the 2nd trailer, co-owner of Superchampion) for welcoming a wee one into the world this week! LOVE!  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So basically this video is the BEST. Yay Maylee for being super rad and repping our city hard.

Friday, November 23, 2012


DNS has been in love with sustainable fashion since the birth of the gang (unicorns ran around in circles while gazing at the seafoam sky and a ball of gold sparkles fell, and the Nightshades crawled out from the sparkle ooze onto their awaiting unicorns and galloped off into the night. RIGHT!). In 2008/9 we put out our own line made of sustainable fabrics, and loved the feeling we got wearing our clothes, knowing they looked good but also were doing good.
We much prefer supporting our local designers and manufacturers then big label brands, and believe staying local is extremely important. That's why we love our bud, and fellow cycling advocate Steve Sal Debus, owner of Modrobes and his new sports wear line made out of Eucalyptus.

Steve makes base layers for men and women for all types of sporting activities, but these base layers actually have some wicked cut to them too, making them fit AMAZING. They are sustainable, hypo allergenic, odor resistant and move with your body.
 He's currently raising money to make a full run of his awesome clothing and needs your help. Please visit the kickstarter below and donate what you can and send a message that you support a more sustainable fashion industry.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Lizzy Love-

Just listen.

Exactly, right? Mad love to Vel the Wonder for bringing the level of babe on a bike to inferno. Check her out in this LA Cypher. LA is burning.

Check out this post from spring- Jane and Finch female Cypher.

It's all fuel for the fire, let's go get 'em ladies.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Woah there NYC


There was a few other bike crews out and about, I had fun watching the Grime boys and their antics on Instagram.

It seems many cyclists can be considered daredevils and trill seekers, many want to live life to it's fullest and experience the world as it is- not through protective glass. There is something about biking that gives you a confidence and an ability to not be afraid of using your own body, of doing something a bit daring, to trust in your own self and to the world is not as dangerous as it seems.

Other cool NYC bike things- Times Up is powering everything from cell phones to coffee machines with bikes. 

On the twitterverse, so many 140 character thoughts about the future of infrastructure will soon be turning into papers, lecture topics, design measurement and government policy. If climate change means more extreme weather, then we need infrastructure to reflect this. I had a friend from lower Manhattan email me asking if "What was going on with the Oyster Creek power plant- are they telling us the truth?" Then there is the giant oil spill in NJ.

Also, anyone out there heae that on the 27th BC got a 7.7 Earthquake? Thankfully the resulting Tsunami was small and in a remote location, but imagine if we had dozens and dozens of oil tankers to China in the area? The big one is still supposed to happen here in BC, and who knows what extreme weather the future has for us in store. So please, no tankers. The Dogwood Initiative has some great insight here. Fill up your brains, cause...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

1 Love SF

So if you haven't heard yet, it's time once again to rally together to take care of our own. Bike peeps, we got to stick together.

"Beloved Cyclist "Chuey" Munkanta Beaten Unconscious and Arrested By Police"

There is IndieGoGo fundraiser to help Chuey with his legal and medical bills. My girl Melissa (talented, talented, bike-polo playing, fixed riding, designer at IndieGoGo) is part of a team that is putting on. Pitch in if you can, sadly at the rate democracy is going you don't know when this could be you or one of your best friends.



Thursday, October 4, 2012


A few of us Nightshades have caught the bike polo bug over the last few years. We travel all over the States and Canada to play our fav DIY sport and see all our good buds along the way. Its rough and tumble and full of fun, its also full of awesome people trying to improve the sport from the inside out. Our friends Max and Ken, owner's of Northern Standard have been making shafts and mallet heads for a few years now and decided they were passionate enough about their favourite sport to make it a full time job. They needed a little help first though, so they went to see "The Dragons"
Also play our favourite game "SPOT THE NIGHTSHADES". 3,2,1. POLO!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why Do You Ride?

I got interviewed for this lovely blog out of Australia not too long ago.

"What's the best thing about cycling?" they asked, and I gave a cheeky answer....

Thursday, September 13, 2012


So we are getting super amped up for the Toronto premiere of PAINT BIKE - our latest film. As well as all the films we curated to be screened at the very first Toronto Veloreel this coming Saturday in Liberty Village. There are some real gems. To see Toronto Veloreel's full program line-up and events go here! It's going to be a great night!

We filmed the intro for PAINT BIKE last week, along with the help of the ever so talented Thomas Dagg. The following are portraits he shot amidst the chaos of the evening - and they act as a great sneak peak for what's to come on Saturday night.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Get Excited About Bikes


Toronto VeloReel
Get Excited About Bikes

Just in time for TIFF! Toronto VeloReel, is a one day film festival working toward cultivating community & celebrating bike culture through film. The festival debuts September 15th in historic Liberty Village.

This year's program is guest curated by The Deadly Nightshades, Toronto's only all girl bike gang/arts collective. The Nightshades are known for organizing many cycling and arts events in the city, including Ring My Bell and Style Spin through the Drake Hotel. They hope their international and Canadian reel selections will include a snapshot of various histories, communities and viewpoints that will entertain all audiences and contribute to the successful birth of VeloReel.

To kick off the days events, there will be a peepshow film loop which includes the feature length films; Hit ‘Em in the Mouth, a Seattle Bike polo documentary, Cycle Me Home, the tale of Levi and his bike ride home to Budapest after studying abroad in Madrid, and I Felt Your Pulse, a Super 8 film dedicated to Darcy Allan Sheppard plus a few more.

While hanging out in the courtyard, be sure not to miss the various bike art instillations, a short play entitled “Cadillac Kills” and a drop in from the Bicycle Music Festival with musical performances by the Complete Street Band and Garbageface in the afternoon.

As night falls, projections will light up the big screen outdoors for a bike-in style theatre at 7 Fraser.

It will begin with a mixture of short films including; 10 Things: I Have Learned About Mountainbiking, Paint Bike and Sex On Wheels, to name a few. The audience’s heart will get pumping with 10-20 Berlin, a film made of the 1993 Courier World Championship, featuring many original Toronto names. To end off the evening, the audience will awe at Line of Sight, directed by Ontario’s own Benny Zenga, featuring world renowned Lucas Brunelle, “the gnarliest bike videographer in the world.”- Rolling Stone Magazine

VeloReel is in it's first year, but it intends to become an annual event, and a staple for the cycling community in Toronto. Please join us at 7 Fraser Ave., on September 15th. For more information and a full line up, please visit: www.torontoveloreel.blogspot.ca

Thursday, September 6, 2012

#knogblinder4v posthumous review

So another not-so-awesome thing about Carebear being taken was I had all my rad new Knog Blinder 4V lights on them. In a nutshell, they are excellent at being very bright vertically on your seat post, and lend themselves perfectly to the Nightshades #1 rule: Don't die.

I kept meaning to write a review, but with everyone from the Bike Snob to your mom doing a review I thought no one would notice my opinions. People did notice them on the road and at parties "AH MY EYES- what is that cool thing?" was often the remark I got. I'm telling you, if you want to talk to strangers daily- be a Knog product tester.

Anyway, in true Nightshade fashion I began to compile all the uses for them that weren't just being seen by motorists on the road.

#1- Bike Rave enabler. I powered a mini break dancing session with my blinders at the 2012 Vancouver Bike Rave.

#2- Finding crap in your bag. Sometimes finding things in your bag at night is just hard. Just drop your light in and problem solved!


#3- Bling bling! When you take it off your bike to go inside and boogie, you can wear your super duper bling ring. In some smoke the light beams look like Wolverine's talon thingies. I wish I had gotten a picture of that.

#4- Hypnotize cute bike boys with your awesome blinky bike swag.

#5- Is it too dark to climb that 50 foot tree? Not with your Blinder mouth light!


#6- Who needs a real fire when you can make a bike light fire? It's cop friendly version of the real thing.

Also, you can:
- Unlock your door when your automatic porch light just doesn't feel like working!
- Find thing in the dark on the beach/park/dance floor!
- Fight back against that stupid little barking dog.
- Feel superior to all the puny bike lights around you.

That is all. I also have their cool Bouncer lock and it worked especially well when I actually used it. Actually, it was kinda funny as I'd come out from whatever building I was in to see someone staring at my bike. I would get rampantly paranoid they were thinking about cutting the lock and say something aggressive/mean/crazy, but they were always just admiring the funky design and the conversations with strangers never ended.

Now I'm going to go back in a corner and hate myself for at least another two weeks. Is it true there is life after love? Cher isn't reassuring me. Oh Carebear, I'll wait for you forever...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nightshade Bike STOLEN- please share.

My worst nightmare happened. Ironically enough, while I was doing some errands before the Premium Rush movie/cat here in Vancouver, my bike Carebear was stolen from a front entrance- I was inside the glass doors 7 feet away to drop off my computer to be fixed. I shouldn't have left here there, I should have taken the minute to lock her up, I was stupid, and in 2 minutes the love of my life was gone...

If you are in the Vancouver area, or Portland or Seattle- PLEASE be on the lookout for her or her parts. 54 purple Mission track frame, pink vVelocity B43s, Sugino Messenger cranks, was outfitted with platforms and pink YNOT razzle straps. Covered in HMPL, Knog, Orontas, COG, Minorty and Dah Shop stickers, and Ironically a "Don't Steal Bikes Bro" Affinity sticker, although they probably stripped it. Please share this photo. Contact me on instagram or twitter @meglikesbikes or my gmail account by the same name. 

2012-07-28204857, Mission Track Bike, Deadly Nightshade
This is Carebear in her natural environment- at the beach with her fellow bike friends.

When you are rushing around thinking about superficial things like parties, the cute man who makes info graphics who is in line with you, and optimized bluetooth technology, you can neglect the most important things that bring the MOST value to your life.  I am taking this a personal life lesson. I am going to slow my life down and always think about the most important things to me and pay attention to that. I was rushing thinking I was getting the things done I thought I was important, I lost the thing that was the most important to me.

I wonder, if everyone was more conscious of this, we'd take much better care of our planet, the children and elders in our society, and talk to our neighbours more. Realizing that computers, things and celebrity gossip is not as important as clean air, nutritious food and community, would probably be a firm foundation for a better planet. I think this is a lesson everyone learns. I think I've had this lesson before, and will probably have again.

I just want my baby back.

Friday, August 24, 2012

HMPL- Spot the Nightshade

Hey behb; introducing the No 15 Saddle Bag by HMPL.

HMPL No.15 Saddle Bag spot #1 from Matthew on Vimeo.

My friends here in VanCity can make some really rad beach appropriate bags! I mean, we own the lifestyle. Riding to the beach fully prepared sans bag on your back is massively awesome if you have the kind of frame/lifestyle that doesn't support panniers. I'm in their video 'cause they offered to buy me ciders. This spot is also a prime example of the most excellent quality of lifestyle I am leading out here in Vancouver. It's is pretty much a documentary, not an ad.

Follow: #beachlife #thirdbeach #hmpl

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Badass Women's Cyclecross.

Snow, mud, fierce competition... damn! LADIES!

4ème Manche de CDM cyclo-cross from Petitesreines on Vimeo.

 (taken from funknbikes)

Maybe put it on mute and enjoy the video to Maylee Todd's Arobics in Space song instead of the very European soundtrack offered.

Or maybe this new jam by Kardinal...

(I miss you Toronto music!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Seems like the Australians think we should change our name. Earlier this summer we were so exstatic to be featured in a 5 page spread in Australia's amazing bike mag Treadlie, with a wonderful article by Will Jones titled "Club Belladona." I dont want to spoil the whole thing but here's a good little excerpt:

"The girls love of creating, of cycling and of eachother brings them together to form this wonderfully wicked, scarily sexy and daringly dangerous collective. No wonder they picked the name Deadly Nightshades."

DNS does love some good aliteration. Thanks for all the kind words Treadlie & Will! Secretly I think my favourite thing is that the whole article refered to us primarily by our gang names.  Hilarious.

If you haven't picked up a copy of the magazine yet, swing on over to their website and do it! Treadlie Rules! Photobucket

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Momentum Magazine is looking for Toronto Models!


Momentum Magazine is putting on a fashion show at Expocycle in Toronto! They need hotties on bikes to be models- I think you should do it. You get a $100 honorarium and profile on momentummag.com will be provided.

I (MegO!) am going to be a model for them at their Interbike fashion show, Gaining Momentum!



Saturday, July 21, 2012

Want to know?

Are you a writer or journalist? Are you an entrepreneur or a social media maverick? Do you like the best design has to offer in cycling and fashion? Do you enjoy MegO's point of view? Do you like bikes and babes, good times and great graphic design? You should sign up for DEUXDEER's mailing list:

DEUXDEER is MegO's entrepreneurial venture with Monika Koch; together they ride their track bikes to the beach and talk about good design and moral standing. They are also both half-polish. Naturally, they had to start a creative agency that combined their passions for their passions [good design and bikes]. DEUXDEER was then conceptualized over many, many cups of coffee. 

Friday, July 20, 2012



This year Toronto VeloReel, an amazing one day celebration of Toronto's bike community & culture,  approached the Nightshades to help curate some bike films to screen at the event on September 15th. So, internet pals, we're calling on you! We want to see your bike movies!

Bike movies you ask? Anything you can think of involving our two wheeled friend. She can roll by, be the centre of attention or the mode in which you got to your set. They can be 30 seconds or an hour & a 1/2 or anywhere inbetween. Please submit your precious film gems to torontoveloreelsubmissions@gmail.com, heading BIKE LOVE by August 15th, 2012.  International submissions are welcome, so submit and share no matter where you are!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Earlier this month, Cannibal Vixen,  Snow White & myself made the long drive (with bicycles in tow) to New York City for the 12th Bicycle Film Festival. As always it was great to spend some time in a city we love so much & were reminded that it's been a year since our film FABRIC BIKE debuted there last summer. So we decided it was time to release it to the clutches of the internet.

FABRIC BIKE was so much fun to make, and the response we've had worldwide this year has been so lovely & overwhelming. We hope that this is one in a series of many creative shorts to come out of our little collective. So thanks again & enjoy.


Saturday, July 14, 2012



The last issue of Toronto's own Dandyhorse Magazine featured a two page spread on our very own Irene! She talks about bike gangs, the ins and outs of making your own place in the fashion industry, and about her sewing school / crafting mecca The Make Den! Not only that but the article sports two stunning portraits by Kirsten's collective The Bleached Blondes, featuring Irene as her two personas - Fierce Bambi and Unicorn Karl Lagerfeld (amaaaaaaazing!!!) Congrats Kirsten & Irene - we are so proud to have such talented babes in our midst. Check out Dandyhorse & see for yourself!

Photobucket Photobucket

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Right to Cycle

From June 26th to the 30th I was fortunate enough to attend the keynote sessions of Velo-City 2012 held here in Vancouver, BC.

For three days I was truly blew me away. There is a steep hill to climb and a lot of work to be done to make the rest of the world like Copenhagen, but with such brilliant and hard working professionals dedicated to this task, it's going to happen and it's going to be amazing.

I love Notable Quoteables, so took some of the best from the international speakers and submitted them Toronto's lovely Biking Toronto and Australia's Treadlie.  Broken down into four parts, (seriously so much good came out of those presenters) they are meant to inspire and inform. Follow the links wiki-styles and dive deep into the world of cycling politics and infrastructure.
“Creating cycle friendly cities. It’s child’s play.”
Dr. Paul Tranter- Associate Professor in Geography, University of New South Wales
This year the European Cycling Federation and Velo-City presented The Charter of Vancouver, which is a call to the UN and all nations to acknowledge the right for children to cycle. Biking improves so many aspects of a child's life; their health, independence, personal mobility, cleaner enviornment, and the list goes on and on.... You can read the notes from the Children's Keynote in Part 4 of the Biking TO segment

RightToCycle, Velo-City 2012, Vancouver, Cycling, Children, Charter of Vancouver,

The closing of the conference called for all to sign the charter in suport. I was a privileged to ad my name, and signed on behalf of the Deadly Nightshades. It's not just NGO's who are working to make this world a better place to live and bike, us #girlbikegangs have a role too.



Thursday, July 12, 2012

So the new Dandyhorse issue is out, and I'm super excited to get my hands on a copy of it this time as it features articles on the fiercest of bambis, fellow Nightshade Irene - as well as one on my bosses at YNOT Tom & Tony! Go Dandyhorse! But while looking on the magazine's site tonight... I stumbled across this video. Which is... well... hilarious (at least to me, maybe not intentionally?). Hard not to be amused when so many Toronto pals are playing ridiculous extras in a game of spin the bottle...

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Internets!!

Here are links to some cool things!

Looking for a job? Kowtow, a rad sustainable fashion company in New Zealand, is looking for a production manager!

Sarai Snyder from Girl Bike Love put this on the Facebook and I am going to listen to it and think about it for a while.

"We are expressing ourselves, and through this other people won't feel so alone." - Charlie Kaufman

Refinery 29 it gives us 5 rad helmet hair styles.


Forbes shows a history of comics of the 1890's bicycle boom.

(Damn straight.)
 Secret origins photo:

Thursday, June 28, 2012

EastVan Polo Peeps

The crew here in Vancouver constantly makes me smile with radness. David came over from Germany for the Crown last year after World's, and has stayed until now. He apparently had one hell of a send off at Robbie Board's house. did up a very nice video for you to see.

Good job guys.


And while I am sharing videos that ammuze me on the Internets, let me remind you it's almost CANADA DAY! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DNS.MTV: Loosing it

The Deadly Nightshades are no strangers to MTV Canada, last year we went down and lent our support to the MTV IMPACT episode called "Vicious Cycle" ( cycling in Toronto, the good, the bad, and the ugly) this time around the subject was loosing one's virginity. Our Snow White went down and repped her coloUrs and she discussed the loss of her own virginity. Talking about safe sex, the de-mistification of you're "first" time and creating and open dialogue with you're partner (s) is something DNS is very pro. You can find Snow around 1:45.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


The 5th edition of HELL TRACK went down earlier this month in the Junction, and I had the chance to do an edit for the event. Check out the mayhem amidst the rain! Fun times Toronto!

Thursday, May 31, 2012



Earlier this spring we did a interview with the lovely Australian bike magazine Treadlie! Their 7th issue goes on sale June 8th, and we're ecstatic to be featured in it! So stay tuned. For now we just had to post this little teaser from their website (we're just as curious as you are).

And lucky for us overseas readers, download the Treadlie App right now and you'll be able to download  Issue 4 for free!

Friday, May 18, 2012

"Worlds Strongest Beer Sells Out in a Day"


Now here's a company that makes me proud to be half Scottish.  Brewdog have created the worlds strongest beer (55%), packaged it in roadkill and are selling it for $765~ a bottle.  Not bad considering they've only been around for 5 years.    They also make a brew called 'Trashy Blonde' and '5am Saint'.  Brewdog, if you're reading this and you want to make a 'Bike Gang' beer, give us a shout.  We've already got experience posing in beer ads!

Here's what MSNBC wrote about the beer on their website:

Just 12 bottles were made and the company has already sold out. They will be shipped out to buyers in the United States, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Scotland and England next week.
The dead animals which were used to create the beers' unusual appearance were four squirrels, seven weasels and a hare. All were roadkill, James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog, told msnbc.com.
The name of the blond Belgian ale is taken from the title of a book by philosopher Francis Fukuyama, "The End of History and the Last Man" which the company said had been chosen to imply "this is to beer what democracy is to history."
Watt said the beer should be treated with care when drinking.
"It tastes more like a whisky and you have got to handle it in that way as opposed to the way you would handle a normal beer," he told msnbc.com.
Many thanks to Garth at Extreme Craft for turning me on to this awesomeness.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Momentum Magazine just put out their 56th issue. CONGRATS west coast pals and all those who contribute to this magazine from around the world. The Bicycle Film Festival founder Brendt Barbur had some nice things to say about the Deadly Nightshades in this issue. Thanks B.F.F and Momentum for talking about the ladies of the film and cycling communities. We will keep making films about our passions YOU CAN COUNT ON IT....( p.s video above is the call for submission for this years B.F.F. spot you're Nightshades)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Check out the promo video & poster I put together for HELLTRACK V coming to Toronto June 2nd. It's shaping up to be some good fun! Multi-level track loop! Tricks! Skid Punt! Foot down! Photobucket

Sunday, May 6, 2012

To Catch A Bike Thief

Everyone has had their bike stolen at one point or another.

These guys in Vancouver are going to actually do something about it.

Check out their Indie-A-Go-Go page to help make it happen!

(Ps. Kirsten and Ingo are rad- show some love. xo) 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Toronto Cupcake Ride Tomorrow for Earth Day!

 I am going to this tomorrow! See you soon Toronto! OMnomnomnom...

The first CO-ED "Sweet Ride" of 2012 will again have a Cupcake theme and will happen on Sun, Apr. 22 at 1 pm! It's Earth Day!

What could be more fun than eating food and riding through Toronto's streets and ravines with other awesome cyclists? :)


When: 1pm
Where: Flour Studio, 883 Eglinton Ave. West
Web: http://flourstudio.com/
Map: http://g.co/maps/27pcq

Where: Bobbette & Belle, 1121 Queen Street East
Web: http://www.bobbetteandbelle.com/
BlogTO Review: http://www.blogto.com/bakery/bobbette-and-belle-toronto
Map: http://g.co/maps/b3db8

ROUTE: We have an amazing route planned that takes us on the Beltline, through Mt. Pleasant Cemetary, zooming down the Moore Park Ravine (be sure and make sure your brakes work!!!) to the Don Valley Brickworks and then down the Lower Don Valley and the Martin-Goodman Trail to Leslieville!

MAP: http://g.co/maps/7wubd