Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bike Camp T.O.

The amazing people behind the Toronto Cyclist Union are going to run a "bike camp" on the 17th of October! The way they describe it is:
"It's essentially a series of simultaneous participant led/generated workshops - all related to various aspects of cycling, and the politics of cycling advocacy. BikeCamp is an opportunity for bike union members, would be members, and the wider cycling advocacy community, to come together and jam on a variety of ideas, campaigns, events. The possibilities are endless, so if you are an avid cyclist with an interest in helping continue to grow and shape the momentum of this community, this event is not to be missed."
If you want to get involved in something rad and put in your thoughts on how you want to see your community run, go sign up now! Municipal and local politics are often brushed over by large, more flashy federal or global politics. I remember when in this fair city people were debating Hillary vs. Obama but didn't know their local MP. Blah, that's bad politics to me. Democracy was built on city states and small governments, get involved on the local level and you can actually see some change.

Any-hoo... the event is taking place at the Center for Social Innovation, one of the raddest progressive organizations in Toronto as far as I am concerned. CSI is located in the ecotastic Robertson Building on Spadina. It has a green roof and and living wall. It also has the very beautiful Darkhorse Coffee shop there... I vote it best americano in the city. (I also vote it best coffee shop for scoping out cute,conscientious, design-oriented men. ;)

Monday, September 21, 2009

halloween costumes anyone?

So as the Bike Film Fest moves out of North America, Toronto's intense bike love goes with it with this years official trailers. Can you spot your favourite nightshades?


FASHION Magazine's fall issue PARTY!

Hanging out with fashionable men is top on my list of things to do, so obviously I was front and center when I heard that there was also going to be free booze including some old ass Glenlivit and lamb chops floating around on trays!

You can find out more and see some more stunning photos by Anita at I WANT I GOT!

I spent most of the night hanging with one of the most fashionable men I know; Ryan Oakley of Grumpy Owl. Talking about what scandels? you'll never know...

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hey all, we're involved in a really great night this thursday! The Regenesis Project presents a night of art, music and fashion to raise funds for the About Face Collective urban ecovillage project.


Thursday, September 24, 7:30-12

Distillery District, Bldg 9 (Arta Gallery)

55 Mill Street, Bldg 9
Toronto, ON

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feirce Bambi style and MegO's TTFN...

Photo by Mzungu.

This may actually sum up what is amazing about Toronto. I love my city, but next week I am leaving it to pursue my Olympic dream out in Whistler! I'm no athlete, but I'm going to go out there and get a job making the Olympics more sustainable. Not to mention joining Namtron so DNS takes over the West Coast! I'm totally going to take up mountain biking in heels... after living and biking in Chinatown for 3 years downhill biking isn't as scary as it once seemed when I lived out there when I was 17. Downhill at full speed on a huge mountain? Whatever. Rocks can't door you. I'm going to be all: "Oh, hey Mr Boulder and Pine Tree, excuse me while I bike around you as you stand still."

I digress- it's going to be hard for me- Toronto is a world class city that fosters art, biking and sustainability... 3 things I look for in a city. I love my city, my friends here are my heart and life, I love my industry and trust me, I'm going to be right back.

Come out on Saturday to have a final dance with me this year! )Also, bring some cash and buy our Fall 2009 line! :)

And if you are in Whistler this season, drop me a line... I just got a nice big house with a pull out couch. xoxo

p.s. If anyone wants to get me a going away present! I'm moving to a temperate rain forest after all...

Friday, September 11, 2009





Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grocery Store Wars

This reminds me of the Nightshades Manifesto...

Not so long ago, in a culture all around us, a dark menace had seized control of the economy. Conspicuous consumption was rampant. There was a blatant disregard for the only earth we have. The fashion industry was propelling this unsustainable cycle of doom. Chemical laden products were stuffing the racks of faceless corporate box stores. Advertisements were brainwashing people into thinking they needed to buy at the speed of light.

But there were rumblings from within the empire. A new generation was coming up through ranks and at the forefront of the new paradigm, was…


Formerly a design collective, the nightshades have spun their upstart, in-your-face brand of fashion into a roving midnight bike gang. Their mission: to fight the evil forces of toxic air-kisses, and stake their claim as the new generation the fashion industry. A generation that values intelligent design, individuality, and won’t throw out their morals, but will recycle their beer cans!

Biking around the city and causing trouble was the name of the game. Thought their forces were small, their style was larger than life. Their hearts were made of bamboo, their eyes shone with solar power, and their veins flowed with organic, fair trade coffee. The gang revolved around their love of fashion, sustainability, and each other. Rolling on two wheels of glory, the girls set out to kick ass, take names, spread awareness and MAKE PARTY EVERY DAY!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Momentum Magazine Tonight

It's social season for the bike community!

Amy and Mia from Momentum Magazine are in Town! Tonight there is a party at the Free Gallery at 1277 Bloor Street West.

Snacks, drinks (Big Wheel from Amsterdam Brewery), music, local bike art and good times to be had by all.
Music by DJ 6L and DJ Triple-X, Perfomance by Red Sonia - Featuring Uncle Dropsy

Art and Photography:
Yvonne Bambrick
Georgette Peters
Gabi Sarlay
Nicole Torok

Here we are at Ronnie's yesterday celebrating Amy's BDay! (She's the beautiful lady being a Japanese school girl...) Happy Birthday to you! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! XOXO

Dandy Horse Photos!

The Dandy Horse launch was a success! If ya'll haven't gotten out to a store to get yours- do it! Featured in the 3rd edition of Dandy Horse the Deadly Nightshades have an article about how to start your own bike gang! Good luck!

Here are some photos by Toronto Cyclists Union and P.S. Kensington femme fetal Yvonne Bambric. She is pictured above with the lovely Big Red!
The ever so beautiful Sunny D's (in the white hat above) song "Leave a little Room on the Right for Me" graces the back cover this time. I called how awesome that song was last year.
Janet the Bike Girl donated a stencil of Benny Zenga because she and he are amazing. Janet was as beautiful as ever and bought some DNS gear to bike safely in style with. He couldn't be there as he is off on an adventure. Of course.
Our clothes! Ain't they purdy!
Tribute gang leader Tofu of the defunct Friendly Lampshades and friend.