Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alcohol Olympics

I gave up drinking for Lent. (You know, for the little baby Jesus.) I am not very religious per say, but I think the exercises of restraint is a good for the mind and body. It's help me save money, lose weight, and have the ability to remember Saturday nights. But... how I miss you my dearest Alcohol! We will be reunited soon.

When I found this very well-made video about alcohol consumption, I had to post it.

GOOD is pretty much the wickedest magazine ever to come outta Cali, you should make a point of reading it at least on a semi-regular basis. They also make really rad videos as you can watch if you are too hungover to read. Their enforcement of awesome astounds me sometimes.

Just remember... 884 million people in this crazy world don't have access to clean drinking water, and here in Canada we PEE in it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009



The Deadly Nightshades are avid supporters of this event and hope that you will be to! The site was lauched today, so check it out and join us for four days of fun! April 30-May3rd

Earth Hour

Snow White and I went out biking last night, and biked to the Danger Palace to celebrate Earth Hour with Big Red and Fierce Bambi. We sat by candle light drinking orange juice chatting about life, love and taking over the world and such.

It was nice. No electronic stimulation of Laptops, we tried not to use our phones.... I've noticed recently how much media has infiltrated our lives. For instance, two years ago I would never have gone over to someone's house to watch Youtube videos, or spent an hour at the bar going over photos on an iPhone. If you were with people, you spent time talking with them and catching up, as you didn't have a facebook feed that updated you . I was talking about this with White, I don't think it's so much the media that has caused this, but we as a culture are maybe getting socially lazy, letting the videos do the conversating for us.

I digress. I love Earth Hour because it makes you realize how lucky you are to have such awesome friends. I hope everyone had a great Earth Hour like ours. I would like to put it out there that it should be celebrated year round.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Karl Cake

I have no idea who I can credit this image too, but it must be shown to the world.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

So Beautiful

Its Monday morning! Blarg. But I just came across this stunning video that makes me want to make video art for the rest of my life.. Its pretty simple but so beautiful. Like most beautiful things. (Plus the bed couple bike in their sleep at one point)
Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie


Snow White.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Free Bike Movie Screening

Friday, March 27, 2009
7:00 pm
The Revue Cinema, Toronto, Ontario
(Roncesvalles and Howard Park Ave.)
(Go here for the Facebook invite.)
"Join director Tina Hahn (Life’s a Twitch) for a trip—by bike—that takes us to Beijing, Amsterdam, Bogotá, New York, La Rochelle, South Bronx, Manhattan, Paris and back to Toronto...Tales of a Yellow Bike, produced for OMNI Television, gives us an insider’s view of cycling promotion and bike-sharing programs around the globe."

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nightshades named Finalists in the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival!!!

Sweet tits we were named finalists in the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival!!! Here's the letter we were sent from their designer liason:

Your brand has been chosen as a finalist for the TELUS World Ski &
Snowboard Festival’s 2009 Designer Search & EXPOSE contest.
Check out your finalist profile online and pass it along to your
family and friends - http://www.wssf.com/searchandexpose/ as it was
quite an accomplishment to get to this stage with all of the
submissions we received.
The contest winner will be announced on the website on Friday April
3rd, 2009 and flown to Whistler BC during the TELUS World Ski &
Snowboard Festival to see their line walk the runway with EPIC brands
like BENCH, Burton, Sitka, Helly Hansen, Aaron Chang Bikinis etc… and
over 400 Media looking for the next big thing in Canadian fashion.

Good luck and congrats for making it to the finals!

Nightshades in NOW!!!

Happiness, we're NOW's My Five this week!!! Rad. Sure, there's seven of us, plus Niamh on a stick, but there were only five stores so whatever. No one tells us what to do. The shoot for this was hilarious. I had been up the whole night sewing the hemp silk jacket, and was totally delirious while David was shooting us. I think he had to yell at me to stop making "Fierce Bambi" faces at one point cause I'm incapable of having my photo taken normally. He was really cool and even gave us some of his mothers old jewelery which Meg and I wear all the time now, and made everyone feel really comfortable even though we were all exhausted. ALSO - Can we just make a point of recognizing the fact that Andrew was the FIRST ONE to use the term "Eco-fabulous"??? Because it's gonna explode this year...


so i hear that i drawing a day keeps the doctor away. laura are you with me?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

DNS Website

So, want to know more about the Deadly Nightshades?


Snow White was amazing as usual and took some rad portraits for the site. Here are her favorites. Enjoy. :)


Friday, March 13, 2009


now see here.

blursday evening

so last night phil sparks had a very awesome show in the burroughs building. Peter & the Wolf. it was very woodsy kind of sweet tailored, very nice. we didn't get the best pictures. in due time, i'm sure you'll be able to find great pictures here.


i like this jacket: big high five goes to the one who brings it to me as a dowery.

then, frank & i headed to the augusta house for the Velosocial! it was yes. there were vendors selling t's, buttons, bags.. etc. , open mic, djs. friends. messengers. : ) it happens on the second thursday of every month. check it out!

gang signs.

i met this rad chick, sunny d who is amazing. she organized the event. you can probably find her on facebook!?

photos by frank! ♥♥♥

Monday, March 9, 2009

First Ride of 2009!!!

We helped Kirsten aka Snow White with her video shoot for toronto based band Gravity Wave, last week. It was -23 degrees outside and I was wearing my orange tights with black denim shorts over top and my seafoam DNS jacket - which was cold enough to make me do serious freestyle aerobics in the middle of the street to keep my blood from freezing. You know how I love aerobics.

We had a great time. Kirsten filmed us with a marching band, rythmic gymnasts, tonnes of extras and some lost tobogganers all parading up Brunswick together while we biked in and out of the crowd. But most of all, we were so happy to be together on our bikes again!!! It's been so long and I'm so sick of wasting all of my money on the subway. I can't wait until I can start biking to work every morning. Laura's cruiser, Good Vibrations and my little folding bike, Lady in Red were in good shape - but Big Red's ride - Little Red - has a squeaky chain and it needs some grease or CLR or something.

Kirsten was a great director and kept everyone excited over her walkie talkie - and very organized while we biked around freezing our toes off.

Many thanks to John Lee, who took all these photos AND lent me his gloves while we were shooting. Over.

Bike Ink

I was happy to discover that other people here on this interweb thing have bicycle tattoos... like Ashley here, who sent this pic into Urban Velo. She's got a really simple one but I love it. Not sure about the text at the bottom but the hand-drawn hearts pretty much sum up my feelings about bikes. They rule.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dear Internet, Vote for Me!!!

Hey Ya'll!!!!

So, I entered a competition for Shiseido. If you could, could you go here and vote for me?

Meaghan O

I promise I will spend all my winnings on alcohol and loose women.

Thank you!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

There she goes again.

I'm pissed.

I just found out that my banking institution is heavily involved in the Tar Sands. This is the same bank that last year pledged to spend 50 million dollars for clean drinking water. It only spent 3, then went and invested $641 million in government-subsidized, foreign-owned oil and gas companies !!!

That is a huge load of BS. I'm not standing for it. Neither should you. Check out to see how your bank is using your money, and talk to your local branch. Only by putting pressure on the companies will they change. And remember my favorite business quote when dealing with technocratic, short sighted capitalist drones:
"There can be no business done on a dead planet."
If you want to learn more about the Tar sands, VICE of all media did an amazing documentary on the Tar Sands, called Toxic Alberta . I like it because there is drinking, smoking and swearing in it.


When you sign up to Ideal Bite, they send you daily emails about how you can make little changes to help make this world a better designed, more efficient, healthy place to be. It's convenient, sassy and well designed. I think we all know what MegO! thinks of this combination.


I just looked in my mail box, and realized that I've been subscribing to this for at least two years! That's a lot of daily emails! If this program can outlast my Fashion ADD, then it must be good. I mean, it provides you with information like: "If 10,000 Biters swap hip vintage Ts instead of buying new ones, we'll avert the weight of 32 Kate Moss's in pesticides."

Keep it up ladies!

Monday, March 2, 2009


whoa. once i saw a guy on the bus with one of these things.

I bike, you bike, we all bike.

The gearhead vs. fashionista debate rages on over at 1lesscar...

I think it's funny that so many hardcore cyclists seem so unhappy that biking is now officially fashionable. On the one hand, I guess no one likes to see their culture getting appropriated by the fashion machine (it wouldn't be the first time. Or the second.) Fashion generally plucks what it likes from a culture/subculture for inspiration and leaves the rest, giving people a distorted view of said culture - and leaving members of it feeling misrepresented. That's pretty much the essence of fashion - style over substance. I'm the first to agree on that point.

But on the other hand you'd think that cyclists would be able to see the positive side of biking catching on with the fashion crowd. Think of all the pro's: more publicity means more bikes - which means more bike lanes and fewer cars. It means that girls - and that is who the fashion crowd consists of, lets not kid ourselves - who wouldn't have ridden a bike otherwise will go buy one. And THAT means better sales for bike shop owners, more repairs and overall more revenue for the bike industry as a whole. And hell, it also means more babes at critical mass and who is complaining about that? I don't know, but probably jerks.

The Deadly Nightshades started as a design collective. We produced indie fashion shows long before Alternative Fashion Week existed and all of us have either a fashion or arts background. So you know where my loyalty lies.

What do you think???

Highly Civilized Indeed...

Apparently Elizabeth Daly heard about us and loved us so much she wrote a book about us. Awesome. If someone can get their hands on a copy of this thing I'll give them my last bottle of Deadly Nightshades homebrew...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shimano Brakes test now

This is why gearheads shouldn't keep blogs...

Great Fashion Cycle!!!

Wanted: Eccentric Billionare Philanthropist to send the Nightshades to London so we can participate in the Great Fashion Cycle, looking fantastic and raising funds and awareness for ethical cotton production. (Did you know that schools shut down in Uzbekistan so that kids as young as seven can participate in the cotton harvest? I know. Gross. No more chinatown t-shirts for me, thanks...)

Before the Nightshades there was... the Liberator?