Friday, November 23, 2012


DNS has been in love with sustainable fashion since the birth of the gang (unicorns ran around in circles while gazing at the seafoam sky and a ball of gold sparkles fell, and the Nightshades crawled out from the sparkle ooze onto their awaiting unicorns and galloped off into the night. RIGHT!). In 2008/9 we put out our own line made of sustainable fabrics, and loved the feeling we got wearing our clothes, knowing they looked good but also were doing good.
We much prefer supporting our local designers and manufacturers then big label brands, and believe staying local is extremely important. That's why we love our bud, and fellow cycling advocate Steve Sal Debus, owner of Modrobes and his new sports wear line made out of Eucalyptus.

Steve makes base layers for men and women for all types of sporting activities, but these base layers actually have some wicked cut to them too, making them fit AMAZING. They are sustainable, hypo allergenic, odor resistant and move with your body.
 He's currently raising money to make a full run of his awesome clothing and needs your help. Please visit the kickstarter below and donate what you can and send a message that you support a more sustainable fashion industry.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Lizzy Love-

Just listen.

Exactly, right? Mad love to Vel the Wonder for bringing the level of babe on a bike to inferno. Check her out in this LA Cypher. LA is burning.

Check out this post from spring- Jane and Finch female Cypher.

It's all fuel for the fire, let's go get 'em ladies.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Woah there NYC


There was a few other bike crews out and about, I had fun watching the Grime boys and their antics on Instagram.

It seems many cyclists can be considered daredevils and trill seekers, many want to live life to it's fullest and experience the world as it is- not through protective glass. There is something about biking that gives you a confidence and an ability to not be afraid of using your own body, of doing something a bit daring, to trust in your own self and to the world is not as dangerous as it seems.

Other cool NYC bike things- Times Up is powering everything from cell phones to coffee machines with bikes. 

On the twitterverse, so many 140 character thoughts about the future of infrastructure will soon be turning into papers, lecture topics, design measurement and government policy. If climate change means more extreme weather, then we need infrastructure to reflect this. I had a friend from lower Manhattan email me asking if "What was going on with the Oyster Creek power plant- are they telling us the truth?" Then there is the giant oil spill in NJ.

Also, anyone out there heae that on the 27th BC got a 7.7 Earthquake? Thankfully the resulting Tsunami was small and in a remote location, but imagine if we had dozens and dozens of oil tankers to China in the area? The big one is still supposed to happen here in BC, and who knows what extreme weather the future has for us in store. So please, no tankers. The Dogwood Initiative has some great insight here. Fill up your brains, cause...