Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fierce Bambi is featured on the Torontoist!

The Torontoist wants Irene's job as the owner of the Make Den, and we know why.  Creating things with your own two hands is the best feeling, and teaching that joy to others is a million times that satisfaction. We've seen our hard working lovely lady start from the basement of what was Vintage 69 By the Pound, to runing her own little DIY sewing paradise of her own in Bloordale. (Like the Royal couple, we couldn't be more happy...)

Click here to learn more about the Make Den, PACT Fashion, and the magic force that is Fierce Bambi.

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Love, Love, Love.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bicyclette Boutique: Ode to Toronto, Fashion and Summer Loving

Bicyclette Boutique may not have too much to do with bicycles, but they are a fabulous little boutique on Queen West, owned and operated by a fellow Ryerson Alumni Paige Boersma. The boutique is a great place to pick up independent designer goodies, some of which are made in Canada.

I just fell in love with this video. While the human love story is super cheesy, I saw took it as a love story of Toronto. This city is magical in many ways, and extra magic in the summer.

Bicyclette Boutique Presents 90 DAYS from Bicyclette Boutique on Vimeo.

Toronto, I love you.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Toronto VeloReel is looking for your BIKE FILM!

In it's debut year the success of VeloReel's line-up of thirteen films included an array of shorts: Bikes are Great, 10 Things I Have Learned About Mountainbiking, and Sex On Wheels, finishing with the feature length "Line of Sight", directed by Benny Zenga and featuring world renowned videographer Lucas Brunelle.

Very organically and with the support of some amazing cyclist and artist friends, VeloReel began to travel. Hitting 6 cities in 3 countries from small town Orillia, to Montreal and Detroit, all the way to Havana, Cuba, plans for the next line-up are to extend beyond even more boarders!

The Deadly Nightshades, Toronto's all-girl bike gang slash arts collective will be taking on the role of film curators once again in hopes to cultivate community & celebrate bike culture.

Look out for the initial bike-in screening, early September in the heart of Liberty Village. To be a part of this growing love for bikes, film and art, please submit by August 1st to torontoveloreelsubmissions@gmail.com.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Good news: The Pan Am Path in Toronto!

"Combining the power of culture and sport to create a living path across Toronto."

 Woot Woot! Smart cities take money from events such as the Olympics and Pan Am games, and use it to benefit and create long-lasting public infrastructure projects. I'm glad that Toronto has managed to secure this amazing path, which will unite Toronto with public space, art, sports, and nature! Landmark projects such as this help to push forward longer, more involved public infrastructure. The 2010 Olympics left Vancouver with the very well used, awesome Canada Sky Train line, which takes travellers to and from the Vancouver Downtown core in only 20 minutes for $3.75. At last year's VeloCity in Vancouver, I learned that the amazing and iconic Sea Wall was key in creating public interest and demand for better cycling infrastructure in the community. Looking forward to seeing the long-term benefits of the Pan Am Path!