Friday, May 27, 2011

West Coast Unvitational Schedule

It's starts today! See you at the Cambie Pub tonight. COG gave me some mags to give away! I'm check pointing on Sunday with Linnea from Gastown Sprint- our outfit will involve short shorts up to their highest heights. See you there! ; )


Friday May 27

2pm Registration Begins
The Cambie Pub and Hostel
Cambie Street at Cordova Street

7pm The Cambie Sprints
Head-to-head sprints around one city block
The Cambie Pub

Saturday May 28

10am Breakfast cat
Race your friends, learn the city, eat a free breakfast
Strathcona Park

12-5 Dead Baby Club ride
Ride your bike, joust your friends, custom builds welcome
Queen Elizabeth Park

4pm Soiree at Super Champion
Drink with Nick and Jamie
Super Champion bike shop 245 Main Street


8pm Goat Sprints
666 Meter roller sprints, The Receptionists, Datura, The Living Deadbeats, +1 TBA.
The Redgate

Sunday May 29

11am Forum Breakfast
Let us know if your city wants to host the next Unvitational
Location TBA

1 pm Main Race
The Race will start at 2pm. Registration for the Main race will start at 1pm.
Crab Park

7pm Awards Ceremony
Pub 340 at 340 Cambie

Monday May 30
11am Workday alleycat
First of its kind, race while couriers work, meet cute receptionists
Vancouver Art Gallery

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I love people and I love pictures.

I snapped a shot of this guy at the Vancouver EPIC sustainable trade show last weekend. He was a bit confused about my enthusiasm for this shirt. I just love automatic weapons and bikes, this shirt is mind-blowing.


Full article here on EcoFashionWorld.com

I got to hang out with the Modrobes team who were showing off their rad line to Vancouverites, which was supper rad! Last time I saw Steve was at Polo in Toronto. Bi-coastal eco-fashion bike love? Priceless.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I make clothes. You take pictures. Let's work together.


The Make Den Spring 2011, shot by Last Knight Creative
Photography: Johann Bona.
Styling by Desire.
Model: Marta @ Spot 6 Models
View more pics on our Facebook Group
Crop Top: The Make Den. $30~ Available at Tomorrow Never Knows
OR Make It Yourself at The Make Den 1207 Bloor St. W
Long Skirt: The Make Den. $50~ Short Skirt: The Make Den. $40~ Available at Tomorrow Never Knows
OR Make It Yourself at The Make Den

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday we celebrated Snow White & Big Red's birthdays. It was okay.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Rawbie Boards Show!!!!


- Wheel cover bonanza
- D**k and Babe of the week
- Ladies Army chit-chat
- Rawbie being his radself

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Soyez Gangsters


I think this is what I want my life to look like. Costumes, bling bikes and hot cars, sunsets, amazing eye wear, hot boys and french language in song.

Monday, May 16, 2011



Last year on a cold January day 4 Deadly Nightshades participated in a group of portraits of "interesting" people in Toronto. The photographer was world renowned Miguel Jacob.

When we aren't covered in sweat and bike grease we clean up ok;)


So I'm always really interested by our blog's analytics! It's always really neat to see where people are hearing about us from, and what countries we're being visited by.

But my favourite, is that the most commonly googled phrase (second to "deadly nighshades") that leads to us is "spandex party" (appropriate) and our top post for ALL TIME (four years) is this. People sure love their spandex and cat pictures (Nightshades included - Irene has an entire wall in her house dedicated to cat art, vintage feline-themed wallpaper and all).

So, in a news update to please the masses:
1: NEW KITTENS ARE THE BEST! (although I'm officially getting no work done at home anymore). I'm usually a hardcore dog person, but this little guy is promptly winning me over.

2. (although not spandex or cat related - tricked!) As well as our short film being premiered in New York this June, the Fabric Bike itself is going to be unveiled as a part of BFF NYC's JOYRIDE art exhibit. So you should probably come to New York, check out some art, check out some films, and say hey!

Bonus points if you're wearing spandex, or have a kitten for me to hold...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This Saturday I made it out to Austin's Bike Prom hosted by Fast Folks (who is really awesome in general, and at attaching water bottle holders & chatting on stupidly hot afternoons on east 6th). It was a fantastic night, in the midst of a fantastic weekend.

But seriously... Austin is OUT. OF. CONTROL. AWESOME.

More about Ladies Army coming soon, I promise. Still have to find my way out of Texas and into a photo developers before that happens. But for now, a HUGE congrats to Maija for taking home the win! And to Emily for being so rad. Yay Toronto Bike Polo! (But good luck getting that scary looking bike chain crown onto the plane).


Monday, May 9, 2011

Real Bikes Have Curves

What would it be like to ride one of these things I wonder?


Taken from Alexander Reshetniak's facebook.

Friday, May 6, 2011

WOB for the Win


Congratulations to our WOB boys outta Oakland for killing it at the Redbull's Ride + Style fixed competition down in San Fran.

Here's a video of the final Kell vs Jason race from Jeremiah's WOB-o-vision camera.

Great pic from COG magazine right here...

Hopefully I'll see you boys up here for the West Coast Unvitational.


Thursday, May 5, 2011



heading out on the I-35 today with my bike in the trunk & windows down!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011



So we were really excited to get a call from Brendt Barbur, founder of the International Bicycle Film Festival, telling us that our short film FABRIC BIKE has been accepted into the BFF's Shorts Program for 2011.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the film's premiere in New York City this June... as well as all the other cities it will be playing in!

But really now, how could they say no to a dvd submission with fringe?! Thanks BFF!

To see the trailer for FABRIC BIKE go here!



Congrats on a gorgeous & beautifully executed collection Irene! We are all so so so proud of you & excited to see what you do next! Although thank goodness that's the last of the crazy late nights.... for now.

the rest of DNS.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Great Escape

Great Love <3

By Eduardi Sepulchro

Torontoist on FAT 2011


I was surprised and happy to see this awesome illustration by Chloe Cushman of The Make Den's very own Gaga jacket front and centre on Torontoist yesterday, while surfing the web with some students in an internet cafe in Bloordale. We made so much noise when we saw it they nearly asked us to leave the cafe. Sorry, Zone 3 Webcafe. The article sounds like she could be describing the entire collection (fringe, leather, cropped tanks and t-shirts, big shoulders) and goes on to say that the trends on the runway looked like glimpses of future of LG fashion weeks. Here's a quote from the well written article:

Then there was the clothing. Known mostly for its drama and dissent, [FAT] came out this year with talent that was on-trend and gave a glimpse at LG features of the future. While the unusual was still the norm, we noticed a few trends that connected the variety of radical designers, influences, styles, and perspectives that actually mirror the mainstream. We saw cropped tanks, fringe on everything from denim to leather, Gaga-worthy exaggerated shoulders, pants that were slouchy yet sophisticated, and headdresses and facial accessories that were often the crowning jewel of an outfit.

We were happy to see this mention up on Fashion Magazine, too:

After all the buzz over Berlin designer Julia Knupfer, we were beginning to feel antsy when her I.C.A. Watermelon collection was postponed to later that evening. Luckily, our attention was diverted to Bloordale sewing club The Make Den’s presentation of fun DIY garments, including a bold-shouldered ‘Gaga blazer’ that might have us convinced to take up a new hobby.

All in all, I think everyone had a really great time this year - our models were really awesome and had so much fun dressing up in all the Make Den gear - and the backstage crew (Sissi K, Karen K, Jenn N, Emma Z and Margaret D) were super professional. I have to say, the make-up team from Make Up For Ever were especially awesome - the smokey black eyes looked incredible on everyone and might be my new favorite make-up look of all-time! Stay tuned for more backstage pics...

Monday, May 2, 2011


From the kids who bring you BAD PARTY and PROHAB in Vancouver. A great documentation of the various young hip types around here.

Tonight! Riding4Ridings... I'm helping pedal people to the poles on a pedi-cab! Details to follow...