Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Considering how much the Nightshades love the Highline in New York (elaborate sunset picnics are best)...the LowLine is clearly up our alley. And brings out the urban explorer in all of us. So so cool.
Learn more, or help make this a reality by checking out the LowLine's Kickstarter!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wolfpack Hustle

There are about 5 bazillion street race videos out there, not many make you stop, stare and feel like this one about last year's Wolfpack Hustle in LA. Cinematographer Warren Kommers used both basic elements of dramatic cinema and some very fancy modern editing to create this documentary about "Racing to the End".

I got my fast bike only a little over a year ago. I had never been a speed fanatic until I went and played with a loaner fixed gear bike in San Francisco in fall 2010. I showed up and that was the bike I got to borrow. I got hooked, after previously saying no for years in Toronto. I've been riding around a bit here in Vancouver, where the air is clean and there are a lot of "hipster highways" (aka underused straight roads) that you can break away on. I like to do the seawall on a weekly basis. I have friends who have promised to take me to some pretty cool places. Going to ride to America fixed this summer, maybe all the way to Portland. It's harder to do that in old polluted, congested Toronto. When I was back in Toronto the CNE grounds were one of the only places in Toronto you could break a sweat in.

For years, especially when I was more into fashion in Toronto, being slim and skinny was the the idea, or soft and Maryln like. I found pride in NOT breaking a sweat while riding around the city, and granted, showing up to a more cerebral and styled event sweating is not socially acceptable. I remember being proud of being a member of the "slow bike movement" and I still kinda am.

The past sweaty, athletic summer in Vancouver changed my mind, and the crew I ride with here is getting excited to do it all over again.... I can't help but love sweat, fitness, and just how sexy being strong is.


Today the sun is shinning here in Vancouver, I think this calls for a pedal to somewhere unknown. Fast.

Friday, February 24, 2012


So these are the cutest... ever. Bike planters from Wearable Planters, allow you to make your bicycle even more green (literally), in the most adorable fashion ever. I want a total garden bike! how many do you think it would take?

Monday, February 20, 2012



Okay, you know how in my past post about this bike polo doc, I told you about that bloody injury at the EastVan crown?

They actually used it for their movie poster.

Everytime I look at it I keep feeling blood is going to squirt out of the screen.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Leap Year Closet Detox

Save the date! Feb 26th at Che Baba Cantina!


Che Baba is Namtron and I's favourite new brunch spot. It's got a supper cozy and beautiful interior design with a really tasty menu. It's co-owend and operated by my friend Allison, a fellow Ryerson Fashion Commi who I met doing the Wildlife Show, and then we collaborated on the Flourish Fashion Show for the first Green Living Show back in 2007. Now she's around the corner from me in Vancouver, making my tummy happy and curating a beautiful space to do yoga. Life is good!

But- back to the swap! We are trying to recreate the swaptastic magic that happened at Fountain Bar in Toronto! In case you missed it, the swap was supper fun, welll attended by stylish people, and everyone got a new wardrobe for 5 bucks. #WINNING.

Details for Vancouver go like this:

Details go like this:

February 26th- 1pm-4pm. Come for as long or as little as you like.

Che Baba Cantina, 603 Kingsway, just east of Fraser Street.

$5 to participate. (Funds towards a shinny, new, state of the art DNS camcorder.)

Minimum 3 good pieces to swap, bring more if you got it! You can bring clothing, accessories, shoes, rain gear, small house items, craft and sewing supplies. Stylish men highly encouraged!

We suggest coming hungry and thirsty! Che Baba has a amazing brunch menu, espresso bar and wine list. Swap, have some poached organic eggs on pan-seared polenta, go back and swap some more, then finish off with a desert of macaroons and a glass of Riesling. BLISS!

We are bringing in rolling racks and big mirrors so you'll have an organized, swanky swap experience.

All left over clothing will be donated to the Salvation Army nearby on 12th.

Go here for the Facebook event!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh Yeah...

I forgot to tell y'all, but I was in the Canadian Huffington Post for their Citizen Style Contest Thing! My photographer friend Jesse Winter snapped this shot down by the water at the Vancouver Athlete's Village.

Meg in the Huffington Post

I put together an outfit that met three criteria: Made/Designed in Canada, bike friendly, and some shade of green. (Take note, my tip and my tail were DNS. xo)

Hat, Salvation Army,$0.99. Infinity scarf and hair wrap- DIY from The Make Den. Made in Canada bamboo viscose Thieves top. preloved jacket from repurposed vintage sweaters and pants. Modrobes recycled poly riding jacket. Made in Canada Second Denim organic cotton high waisted jeans. Designed in Canada, vegan, single injection molding, non-toxic Paddintong boots by Native Shoes. Made in Canada Mari Cla Ro bag out repurposed car parts, swaped at the Clothing Swap Detox. Canadian trapped silver fox tail, Chatton Rouge.

MegO's DNS Gang Sign, White girls and gang signs.

Her is my my full "rationale" behind my style choices and view of the Canadian Fashion industry and urban cycling:

I would like to highlight the best of Canadian forward-thinking fashion.

In Canada, we have a lot of weather. I am from the city of Toronto, where the temperature goes from -20 degrees Celsius to above 30. it snows a lot. This differentiates us from comparably weatherless fashion cities of Paris, London or LA. Personally, I live in the world class city of Vancouver, which is situated in a temperate rainforest climate. Instead of fighting against these factors, or wishing I lived somewhere else, I embrace the weather. Snow? Sure! Rain? Bring it on. A stylish Canadian is not a fair weather fashion lover. Successful fashion companies out of Canada embrace rather then reject the weather.

The Deadly Nightshades is my crew, a bi-coastal design collective by day, mischievous bicycle gang by night. Our style is rocking up to Fashion Week and art parties on our bikes, hence a slogan "High Heels on Wheels". Therefor our style must be forward thinking, beautiful but a tad practical. Bicycles also make it easier to wear high heels, as there is little pressure put on the front foot, and heels can act as cleats to hold onto your pedals. We are part of a growing movement that embraces European style of everyday cycling. (We also have a OUT OF THIS WORLD style sense garnished from decades of awesomness.) Successful fashion companies out of Canada cater too rather then reject the active lifestyles.

The Nightshades met at fashion school, and in part bonded over working on fashion shows, art shows and eco-fashion events and the subsequent good times after. Sustainable design is the next progression in design for us, and producing fashions that are conscious of the planet is our passion. In Canada we have amazing natural beauty, that inspires design and art. Vancouver hosts Eco Fashion Week to great success. Successful fashion companies out of Canada preserve rather then destroy the Canadian environment.

I am trying to exemplify authentic Canadian style embraces the weather, progressive design, my choice of transportation, supports those I love, and protects the beauty of the country I live in.



Monday, February 13, 2012

Deadly DIY - Sew Your Own Tights!


We need to talk. Okay. So, you know how that Australian company Black Milk sells their bodysuits for like, $90~ a pair and they sell out in like, 10 minutes? And then they sell on ebay later for around $400? (Or if it's the R2D2 bodysuit, $4000?)

Okay well that's just stupid. For serious. Anyone who knows how to use a serger will tell you that is WAY more than a bodysuit should cost. Fabric - even spandex - doesn't cost more than $25~/y. And a bodysuit probably uses about 1/2y of fabric. So that's about $12.50 worth of fabric. Doesn't it just make sense to learn how to use a serger and make them your self? Serger Basics is starting this Sunday. Come make your own tights. Email themakeden@hotmail.com to register.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

HIT 'EM IN THE MOUTH- Seattle Bike Polo documentary.


Yesterday at sprints my friend Matt brought these wicked "Hit 'Em In The Mouth" stickers and told me to grab one. Yes please! It was neat as I had seen the trailer floating around out there, but then he told me that he did the post production on this baby! Matt is supper shinny awesome person who makes and participates in various rad things, so I can't wait for my sneak peek at the full length feature sometime next week!

Who is jealous?!? I'd be jealous.

On that note, I saw one of the Seattle players get a serious cut on the court at the EastVan Crown last year. He got a mallet to the face (accident), and then said he was fine. 20 seconds latter he ripped off his helmet because the GUSHING cut on his forehead that SPRAYED like 3 feet out from the wound. I had the best angle to see this happen. It was gnarly. He got fixed up and kept playing.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fabric Art Wall Quilts with Linda Varekamp!


Fabric Art / Wall Quilts

Linda has been a hero to the Deadly Nightshades for a few years now - so it's a really big deal for me that she is teaching a workshop at The Make Den, finally. She is really, really amazing and she will help you with your own personal work of fabric art!!! Make an eye catching, unique work of textile art that will be the envy of all of your guests. Channel your inner “artiste” through this four-part fabric art workshop, and go home with a one-of-kind textile creation to proudly display on your wall! Learn some colour theory basics and a few simple techniques to make your own fabric art masterpieces. A basic knowledge of sewing is recommended for this workshop.

Monday March 5th
3-5pm (5 weeks)
Course fee is $180
Email themakeden@hotmail.com

Class Outline: (5 weeks/2hrs each week)

Class One - Inspiration. How to transform an idea into a textile art creation. See examples and use our “inspiration” images or bring your own. Choose your colours and fabrics.

Class Two - laying out the design. Begin layering scraps and cut pieces into your work and pin in place.

Class Three - stitching and embellishing. Stitch your work in place, make a quilt “sandwich”, and begin machine quilting.

Class Four - stitching and embellishing. Add that certain “je ne sais quois” to finish your design.

Class Five - finishing. Get your work ready to hang and make it professional with bound edges and hanging loops.

Techniques - Colour theory, fabric piecing, free motion machine stitching, machine quilting some hand-embroidery, binding, mitred corners.
Supplies - Cotton fabrics, various fabric scraps, quilt batting, ribbons, ric-rack, buttons, beads, etc., hanging rod. Bring your own “inspiration” images and fabric / scraps / notions to match your d├ęcor and supplement our stash.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Awesome bike things on the Internet...

Have you seen this one yet?

I found this on the equally as awesome Co Exist, the blog from the equally as awesome Fast Company magazine. Today their headline is about how dutch kids ride this crazy yellow coloured bike bus to school. AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! It makes my ovaries hurt just a little.
Dutch Kids Bike Bus, Dutch Kids Bike Bus

And here is some stunning imagery out of Helsinki for their tweed winter ride.
Helsinki  Winter Tweed Run, Stunning images from the Helsinki  Winter Tweed Run, by Krista Keltanen
Photography by Krista Keltanen
Helsinki  Winter Tweed Run, Stunning images from the Helsinki  Winter Tweed Run, by Krista Keltanen
(Although I am pretty sure that photo set is sponsored by Brooks.)
Helsinki  Winter Tweed Run, Stunning images from the Helsinki  Winter Tweed Run, by Krista Keltanen
But it's so pretty who cares!

Happy winter riding all!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm thinking about....

Interbike 2012.

DNS talked about it much over the past holidays, I think it's going to be a seafoam storm in the desert this year....

Check out this Las Vegas Mash Alley Cat vid by DNS bike-twin-gang WOB member J.B.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Yeah! Fun bikey events in Vancouver!!!!

Next week is going to be rad!

On Wednesday the 8th of February, my friend Linnea is throwing a Beer, Bikes and Babes Gastown Sprint at Kissing Crows! (4562 Main St.) By the name of this event I am assuming she is throwing it in honour of me being back in VanCity. Yeah. Let's do this.

THEN on Saturday the 11th our loveliest of friend Gena is throwing a 2 on 2 My Bloody Valentine Polo Tournament!

My Bloody Valentine 2x2, My Bloody Valentine 2x2 Polo Tournament Poster

Weee!!! It's already spring here, just went for my second sea wall ride of 2012. Are you ready for me this year 3rd beach?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

London Time's #CycleSafe Campaign

I am glad that since our political leaders have been so soft on the issue of cycle safety, The London Times has stepped up and demanding that citizens who choose cycling as a form of transportation be as protected as citizens in cars. I would love to see the Star or the Globe do the same for Canadians.

Click here to read "Cities Fit For Cycling" by the London Times.

Here is their 8-point manifesto.

-Trucks entering a city centre should be required by law to fit sensors, audible truck-turning alarms, extra mirrors and safety bars to stop cyclists being thrown under the wheels.
-The 500 most dangerous road junctions must be identified, redesigned or fitted with priority traffic lights for cyclists and Trixi mirrors that allow lorry drivers to see cyclists on their near-side.
-A national audit of cycling to find out how many people cycle in Britain and how cyclists are killed or injured should be held to underpin effective cycle safety.
-Two per cent of the Highways Agency budget should be earmarked for next generation cycle routes, providing £100 million a year towards world-class cycling infrastructure. Each year cities should be graded on the quality of cycling provision.
-The training of cyclists and drivers must improve and cycle safety should become a core part of the driving test.
-20mph should become the default speed limit in residential areas where there are no cycle lanes.
-Businesses should be invited to sponsor cycleways and cycling super-highways, mirroring the Barclays-backed bicycle hire scheme in London.
-Every city, even those without an elected mayor, should appoint a cycling commissioner to push home reforms.

Their first one made me choke up and think of Jenna Morrison. Lets do this, shall we?


Watch this great video from Andrew Rooke on biking in Toronto.

Bike City from Andrew Rooke on Vimeo.

Yesterday and today is the Vancouver Cities Summit, where cycling infrastructure was a topic of conversation. You can follow what happened/is happening on the Twitter with this thing:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wow. Beautiful.

What an amazing way to make the connection between plant life and their ability to absorb the harm we pump out into the atmosphere.

Cut Leaf Illustration, Plant for the Planet
More stunning images from the Plant for the Planet campaign here.

More reason to donate to the About Face Collective in the previous post, so do it!