Thursday, February 9, 2012

HIT 'EM IN THE MOUTH- Seattle Bike Polo documentary.


Yesterday at sprints my friend Matt brought these wicked "Hit 'Em In The Mouth" stickers and told me to grab one. Yes please! It was neat as I had seen the trailer floating around out there, but then he told me that he did the post production on this baby! Matt is supper shinny awesome person who makes and participates in various rad things, so I can't wait for my sneak peek at the full length feature sometime next week!

Who is jealous?!? I'd be jealous.

On that note, I saw one of the Seattle players get a serious cut on the court at the EastVan Crown last year. He got a mallet to the face (accident), and then said he was fine. 20 seconds latter he ripped off his helmet because the GUSHING cut on his forehead that SPRAYED like 3 feet out from the wound. I had the best angle to see this happen. It was gnarly. He got fixed up and kept playing.

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