Monday, May 31, 2010


So this poster designed & illustrated by Laura aka Mzungu, and with written content by the lovely Kirsten aka. Snow White, is a part of the Poster Exhibition at the Subtle Technology Festival to promote sustainability.

So go check out the festival!

June 4-6
Innis Town Hall
University of Toronto

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Need 10 Grand?

If you have a rad company, NFP or Charity that commitment to the blending of Beauty, Performance, and Sustainability in both its product design and business model. NAU may have $10,000 for you.

So go nominate yourself or someone you know!

Some nominations so far are:

KeoK'jay is a fair trade social enterprise whose primary goal is to provide jobs for and empower women with HIV in Phnom Penh, Cambodia through the production of uniquely designed, environmentally friendly fashion clothing and accessories.

NYC design leaders came together to explore how DESIGN could improve the lives of New Yorkers during the economic downturn. Our solution: accelerate the work of nonprofits, community groups and city agencies by connecting them with designers eager to donate their talents to the public good.

Neighbourhood Natural Energy (N2e) IMBY = In My Back Yard. Recognizing that climate change and fossil fuel pose significant challenges, the design of IMBY is to engage neighbors to achieve thermal energy independence one block at a time.

Flash Volunteer was created to provide volunteers with the most user-friendly and straightforward interface to help get them more involved in their community. Through the use of social media and mobile technologies, we are working to build the platform for one of the first real time, real world volunteer networks in the country. (Seattle based.)

Good luck to all nominees! To be cheesy, you are all winners already...

Go Green, Go Dutch, Go Bike!

Has anyone noticed that Dutch bikes are slowly taking over the world...? I see them more and more lately and it's definitely a good thing... especially if you're over 6ft tall, since these bikes are custom made for the vertically blessed! Anyways, the Dutch Consulate in Toronto is organizing a Dutch cultural festival at Nathan Philips square this Sunday called 'Go Green, Go Dutch, Go Bike', and the Deadly Nightshades will be there with bells on! We're hosting a biking fashion show at 1pm so be there if you're not busy protesting Globalization!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kensington's in Chains!


Haha. Someone has installed a giant 'Kensington' Sign made from bike chains at College and Augusta! It serves double purpose since you can lock your bike to it, or just appreciate it's majesty.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Found this on the Dupont!! Amazing wheel!

Kicking bike rally in Christie Pits and beyond! Race, foot down, tricks, and ghost bike!!


125cc honda from the 80's... DNS Might be changing gears!! JOKE!

Tiny 50cc... ready to roll!!

Stay tuned for a possible video of my HUGE bail!! ahah...

I taste a great summer on the way!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My little alt Pony

Sometimes you just have to share things that are awesome!

These my little ponies made my day!

Happy Tuesday!

outlier is super awesome!

and he's canadian!

This video is for all the fashion nerds out there. So great to see how they consider the function in their design process. Best part: the stationary bike in the studio.



Monday, May 10, 2010

Liz Goes Gaga for Sewing Classes

The Make Den had a visit from the lovely Liz Trinnear and her Much Music crew last week, where she got an impromptu sewing lesson on how to make a Gaga-style jacket out of blackout fabric and a little bit of skill. She even took the jacket home with her, and promised to wear it if she ever interviewed Lady Gaga!!! We've got out fingers crossed!

Fashioning the Future Submission

So... last December I was shortlisted for this international competition put on by The Center for Sustainable Fashion out of the London College of Fashion.

Want to read it? It's a rehash of my thesis, where I combine consumer behaviour and sustainable design theory to come up with a series of questions businesses can ask themselves to help them on their journey to sustainability. It's a good light read, promise!

Click the link bellow...

Effectuating Sustainable Behaviour Through Communication

Here is a video of the winners!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is Toronto's PACTfashion giving Montreal a run for it's money as Canadas fashion capital?

According to www.montrealfashionbizvie.com, we are. Here's a quote from a recent article:

LG Fashion Week may now be underway, but the Queen City’s true pride and joy is nowhere near the FDCC runway. Torontonians may have in fact found another way to give their local fashion scene a boost, and it’s something we Montrealers may want to consider some time soon. In the GTA area, there is a group called PACT whose mission is to empower at-risk youth, with almost no government funding. Recently, they’ve put together a real-world sewing and design school called PACTFashion, and they may very well have stumbled upon the smartest trend to hit the streets of our sister city in a long time.

I'm very excited to learn that PACT is making its message heard loud and clear - it isn't often that Toronto gets props from Montreal - and hopefully other cities will follow suit! Check out www.pactprogram.ca for more info!

Looking Back - Nightshades 09


Thursday, May 6, 2010


a little overdue, but [FAT] was awesome this year! And, while DNS decided not to show this year (first time ever?) Snow White & Cannibal Vixen modeled for our fabulous & extremely talented friend Kelly Henderson. Who else would send a real heart down a runway?

babes. all of you.



Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crystal Cavern Collaborative Wearable Art Workshop - May 8th!


May 8th, 7pm-11pm
1207 Bloor St. W
The Make Den at 69 Vintage Collective

Take part in a collaborative wearable-art project that will culminate with a spectacular crystalline headpiece, to be worn at ******* *** **** by the one and only Deadly Nightshades!

The Make Den is transforming! Come and watch as our little basement studio gets a facelift and is re-invented as a magical place where stalactites talk to stalagmites, where quartz keeps time and everyone is invited to try their hand at making their own crusty little crystals!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Party People in the Place to BE:

Tonight: May 3rd 2010
Time: 7pm to 12am
Location: Czehoski's 678 Queen St W.

Reason:Robin Cymbaly, J Sutton, Matthew Marigold and myself unveiling new work for CONTACT.

Come by and have a few and enjoy some seriously good photography,


Snow White