Friday, December 31, 2010


been a good one loves. xo.

J A N U A R Y .

F E B U A R Y .

M A R C H .

A P R I L .

M A Y .

J U N E .

J U L Y .

A U G U S T .

S E P T E M B E R .

O C T O B E R .

N O V E M B E R .

D E C E M B E R .

Friday, December 24, 2010



so the best thing ever happened this past weekend.

first it SNOWED!

Thus, Kirsten, myself and a few friends decided to grab some sleds, hop on our bikes, and head out for some pure canadiana... tobogganing! I think the only thing more terrifying than biking down a slippery side street balancing a toboggan on your handle bars, might just be flying down the enormous and icy hills of Christie Pitts park on a tiny smurf saucer circa 1988. (Or standing on two crazy carpets... coughsnowwhitecough)

But trekking around a winter wonderland works up one's appetite - so we decided to try out the best new Toronto delivery service....

As in, super delicious veggie or vegan burritos delivered to your door via bicycle, every friday night (!).... or in our case, instead of our front door, they came to us mid-tobogganing in a park. BEST EVER RIGHT?!

We even convinced Mark (who delivered us our food) to join us sledding for a bit. Too bad my night ended in a flat tire. Up until then, everything was coming up Nightshades.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Step One - Find Cardboard Tubes. Step Three - Take Over the World.

At the sewing lab, sometime last week. Laura and Irene are finishing their respective sewing projects.

Irene: The hardest part about ------ ---- is gonna be finding the cardboard tubes. The rest is gonna roll out just fine. They're the wild card, though. If we can't find them, the whole thing is off.
Laura: True. The wool definitely won't be a problem.
Irene: Maybe can go down to fabric shops on Queen W. and ask if anybody has them?
Laura: That might take forever!

Later that night, walking home from the sewing studio. (It was snowing hard or we would have been biking)

Irene: So then I said "No, the gold spandex can't be sewn up with...
Laura: Hey what's that in the garbage?
Irene: Why are you going through someone's garba - HOLY CRAP!!! YOU'RE A GENIUS!!!

And that's the story of how Laura and Irene found the missing piece of the ------ ---- in less than 2 hours. Sometimes, when you're doing something as awesome as the ------ ----, the pieces of the puzzle just come together for you. Did I mention there was no conductor at the subway station, so we just walked right in? Amazing.
Stay tuned to find out what else we're going to need to make the ------ ----!

Happy Holidays! xoxo

May their be Love, Peace, Joy, Prosperity and Bicycles in your life this year and forever. xoxo

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The only thing better than a hot cup of tea on a cold day...?

A cold teacup of beer. For two. After a long night of sewing, teaching PACTfashion classes and talking about everything from safe sex to top secret Deadly Nightshades Projects (oh, we've got a few up our seafoam sleeves...), sometimes there is just nothing like a tiny pink teacup full of beer to curl up with... thanks, beer!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bike Home

I made friends in Vancouver who are really good musicians. I first met Robbie at AVEDA in Van while doing the BikeStyle Party and then I met up with them when I went to TEDxVan as they were playing the after party. Peter is the other half and he's a gentleman and a scholar.

They are called Das Humans and they make you dance dance dance . They are playing in TO March 10th so book your busy calendars now Torontonians.

HUMANS - Bike Home

Humans | Myspace Music Videos

higher, HIGHER.

Recently, our very own Snow White curated a wonderful installation of swing art at Studio Theatre. The exhibit showcased a smaller selection of works from the project as a whole, including one completed by the Deadly Nightshades.



The full installation will begin later this season, and to learn more about "Higher, HIGHER", Kirsten's artist statement is as follows:

The swing is ultimate equalizer when it comes to mobility. A swing can be modified to fit anyone. For adults with complex disabilities at the Muki Baum Treatment Center it also serves as an agent that can ground the mind and relax the body. These swings also promote adult play with in this community and create lasting bonds of trust and friendship. The “normal” adult community is lacking in communal play as we age, which is normally because an agent isn’t provided.

The solution: “higher, HIGHER”, a group installation project of 40 modern art based swings, made by 40 of the top emerging artist’s in Toronto that will be toured around 5 public parks to promote communal play amongst adults and create awareness for the artist’s at the Muki Baum Treatment Centre. Each swing will be up for sale and the completion of this tour and all funds will go to the artist’s at the Muki Baum Treatment Centre.

A year ago I had the privilege of working with some of the most raw and real artist’s I have come across. Un affected by public opinion on art, and defiantly not affected by trend they created for the joy and emotional release of whatever medium they were practicing. The work that these artists’s produce at the Muki Baum Treatment Center is limited not by ability but funds.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stickneys and Stones


Hey Don Cherry. I think we need to have a little talk.

While I've always loved your style, your affinity for clashing plaids and your folksy straight talk on Coaches Corner, today I feel betrayed by you. How could you wear such an awesome jacket and hate on cyclists at the same time?
It's like time that time Le Tigre went and did an album with Xtina, and we were all like 'What were you thinking Kathleen?".

Maybe you were seduced. But whatever. There are some things I need to tell you, too. It's only fair.

Like, do you know what I like to do at rush hour on Bloor? I smile and wave at cars from my bike because I'm zipping past everyone on my big red Raleigh road bike. Okay, and maybe I laugh at them, too. Sure, on the highway any of them could drive faster than me, but in the downtown core? Bikes win every time. I can get across the city on my bike in half the time a car can do it. Faster than a taxi. Rather than spending my daily commute flat on my butt, I get to spend it whizzing through traffic with the wind in my hair and my heart pumping blood to my brain.

So go ahead and call me a left wing commie pinko cyclist, Don Cherry (even though I'm a libertarian). We're an easy target. Call me a hippie, or whatever you want. I'll still be biking to work everyday, long after your next coronary bypass and there's nothing you can do about it. In your heart you know I'm right; bikes are the future. Bike lanes are the future, public transit is the future. While US auto makers are going slowly bankrupt, bike sales are only going up and up. Hold on tight to your 'American Dream', where cars are the only ones allowed on the road - cause it's fading fast.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Want to make your christmas shopping experience, a little less of a mall induced nightmare this year?

Then check out The 12 Days of Art & Ideas this month at Triangle Gallery - Artscapes newest addition to the Queen West art district.

The show is FREE and runs til Dec 14th - showcasing some lovely bike seat covers locally produced & designed by yours truly - among other amazing artists, designers & craftsmanship! For more info on the show & other participants, go HERE!