Friday, December 24, 2010



so the best thing ever happened this past weekend.

first it SNOWED!

Thus, Kirsten, myself and a few friends decided to grab some sleds, hop on our bikes, and head out for some pure canadiana... tobogganing! I think the only thing more terrifying than biking down a slippery side street balancing a toboggan on your handle bars, might just be flying down the enormous and icy hills of Christie Pitts park on a tiny smurf saucer circa 1988. (Or standing on two crazy carpets... coughsnowwhitecough)

But trekking around a winter wonderland works up one's appetite - so we decided to try out the best new Toronto delivery service....

As in, super delicious veggie or vegan burritos delivered to your door via bicycle, every friday night (!).... or in our case, instead of our front door, they came to us mid-tobogganing in a park. BEST EVER RIGHT?!

We even convinced Mark (who delivered us our food) to join us sledding for a bit. Too bad my night ended in a flat tire. Up until then, everything was coming up Nightshades.

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