Friday, December 10, 2010

higher, HIGHER.

Recently, our very own Snow White curated a wonderful installation of swing art at Studio Theatre. The exhibit showcased a smaller selection of works from the project as a whole, including one completed by the Deadly Nightshades.



The full installation will begin later this season, and to learn more about "Higher, HIGHER", Kirsten's artist statement is as follows:

The swing is ultimate equalizer when it comes to mobility. A swing can be modified to fit anyone. For adults with complex disabilities at the Muki Baum Treatment Center it also serves as an agent that can ground the mind and relax the body. These swings also promote adult play with in this community and create lasting bonds of trust and friendship. The “normal” adult community is lacking in communal play as we age, which is normally because an agent isn’t provided.

The solution: “higher, HIGHER”, a group installation project of 40 modern art based swings, made by 40 of the top emerging artist’s in Toronto that will be toured around 5 public parks to promote communal play amongst adults and create awareness for the artist’s at the Muki Baum Treatment Centre. Each swing will be up for sale and the completion of this tour and all funds will go to the artist’s at the Muki Baum Treatment Centre.

A year ago I had the privilege of working with some of the most raw and real artist’s I have come across. Un affected by public opinion on art, and defiantly not affected by trend they created for the joy and emotional release of whatever medium they were practicing. The work that these artists’s produce at the Muki Baum Treatment Center is limited not by ability but funds.

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