Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh Yeah...

I forgot to tell y'all, but I was in the Canadian Huffington Post for their Citizen Style Contest Thing! My photographer friend Jesse Winter snapped this shot down by the water at the Vancouver Athlete's Village.

Meg in the Huffington Post

I put together an outfit that met three criteria: Made/Designed in Canada, bike friendly, and some shade of green. (Take note, my tip and my tail were DNS. xo)

Hat, Salvation Army,$0.99. Infinity scarf and hair wrap- DIY from The Make Den. Made in Canada bamboo viscose Thieves top. preloved jacket from repurposed vintage sweaters and pants. Modrobes recycled poly riding jacket. Made in Canada Second Denim organic cotton high waisted jeans. Designed in Canada, vegan, single injection molding, non-toxic Paddintong boots by Native Shoes. Made in Canada Mari Cla Ro bag out repurposed car parts, swaped at the Clothing Swap Detox. Canadian trapped silver fox tail, Chatton Rouge.

MegO's DNS Gang Sign, White girls and gang signs.

Her is my my full "rationale" behind my style choices and view of the Canadian Fashion industry and urban cycling:

I would like to highlight the best of Canadian forward-thinking fashion.

In Canada, we have a lot of weather. I am from the city of Toronto, where the temperature goes from -20 degrees Celsius to above 30. it snows a lot. This differentiates us from comparably weatherless fashion cities of Paris, London or LA. Personally, I live in the world class city of Vancouver, which is situated in a temperate rainforest climate. Instead of fighting against these factors, or wishing I lived somewhere else, I embrace the weather. Snow? Sure! Rain? Bring it on. A stylish Canadian is not a fair weather fashion lover. Successful fashion companies out of Canada embrace rather then reject the weather.

The Deadly Nightshades is my crew, a bi-coastal design collective by day, mischievous bicycle gang by night. Our style is rocking up to Fashion Week and art parties on our bikes, hence a slogan "High Heels on Wheels". Therefor our style must be forward thinking, beautiful but a tad practical. Bicycles also make it easier to wear high heels, as there is little pressure put on the front foot, and heels can act as cleats to hold onto your pedals. We are part of a growing movement that embraces European style of everyday cycling. (We also have a OUT OF THIS WORLD style sense garnished from decades of awesomness.) Successful fashion companies out of Canada cater too rather then reject the active lifestyles.

The Nightshades met at fashion school, and in part bonded over working on fashion shows, art shows and eco-fashion events and the subsequent good times after. Sustainable design is the next progression in design for us, and producing fashions that are conscious of the planet is our passion. In Canada we have amazing natural beauty, that inspires design and art. Vancouver hosts Eco Fashion Week to great success. Successful fashion companies out of Canada preserve rather then destroy the Canadian environment.

I am trying to exemplify authentic Canadian style embraces the weather, progressive design, my choice of transportation, supports those I love, and protects the beauty of the country I live in.



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